Obesity-reducing surgery cuts liver disease risk by 90% – study

Bariatric Surgery For Liver Disease : in our body Liver Its job is to process food and other things. When fat starts to form in excess amount in the cells of the liver, then it is called Fatty Liver. There are two types of fatty liver disease: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Alcoholic fatty liver is caused by drinking too much alcohol. But non-alcoholic fatty liver has nothing to do with alcohol. fatty liver Most of the problems of obesity, patients with diabetes type-2, patients with high cholesterol and high blood pressure are more. Till now there is no cure for fatty liver. But by making changes in your lifestyle and diet, you can get rid of the problem of fatty liver. But now a recent research has claimed that Bariatric Surgery Through this, the risk of life-threatening diseases like fatty liver can be reduced.

According to a report, one out of every four American adults suffers from a serious disease of fatty liver, ie, due to obesity, not because of drinking alcohol. Published in ‘Journal of the American Medical Association’ ie JAMA Study According to Bariatric Surgery, not only does obesity get rid of obesity, as well as it has a big advantage that it also reduces the risk of fatal diseases like fatty liver and liver cancer to a great extent. Is.

What happened in the study
This study, published in JAMA, included 1158 people who had bariatric surgery due to fatty liver disease. It was revealed that out of 650 people who underwent surgery, only 5 people later developed serious liver disease. At the same time, out of 508 people who did not undergo surgery, 40 people had serious liver diseases. It was concluded that the risk of liver cancer and other serious liver diseases in these people was reduced by 90 percent for the next 10 years after the surgery.

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The risk of heart attack also decreased by 70%
This study revealed that bariatric surgery also reduces the risk of heart attack due to obesity by up to 70 percent.

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Leading this research Dr. Ali Aminian Says, ‘The problem of fatty liver comes due to obesity. A large amount of fat gets deposited on the liver. This causes irritation in the liver and scar tissue is produced. This leads to a life-threatening disease like liver cirrhosis. When the patient’s body weight is reduced, the fat is also reduced from the liver.

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