Painless Delivery: Know What and How is Painless Delivery

Painless Delivery Know Everything: Being a mother is a very pleasant feeling of life, perhaps that is why people make every effort to become a mother. But when the time of delivery comes, the pain caused by women is unbearable. People also believe that the mother is also born with the child. If you are also thinking of an alternative to this unbearable pain, then you can think about Epidural. For this talk to your doctor and know what is an epidural.

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what is epidural

What is Epidural? Anesthesia used during labor is called epidural. Which is given in the spinal colon. The epidural is placed in the bone of the canola reed. This does not reveal pain in the lower part of the body. Epidural is a combination of local anesthesia and some medicines.

When is the dose given?

It depends on the opening of the woman’s cervix. During labor pain, when the uterus opens by four to five centimeters, then an epidural is given. Apart from this, it also depends on the condition of the mother. does, when to give him the dose. Caesarean is often required during delivery. In such a situation, there is an incision on the body, there are chances of infection in it. The problem of blood loss and headache in this type of delivery The apprehension is high. Epidural is not to be used in case of blood infection and skin infection. Its use is difficult even on the problem of low platelet count and blood thinner.

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Older mothers are also given epidurals

Low BP, headache common after epidural. Sometimes after removing the catheter, the effect of anesthesia wears off within a couple of hours. After this a slight burning sensation may be felt on the birth canal. Many times the BP of women becomes high during childbirth. In such a situation, there may be a problem in doing caesarean, but apart from epidural BP, it is also given to diabetic and old mothers.

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