Paneer Making Process: Want to make paneer at home, this is the ‘perfect way’

Paneer Making Process: On hearing the name of Paneer, the mouth starts watering. The specialty of this food item is that many types of vegetables and dishes can be prepared from it. Not only this, it is also used as a supporting ingredient in many fast foods. Whenever we want to make any item of paneer at home, we have to bring paneer from the market itself. Be it your favorite curry paneer, shahi paneer or masala paneer or paneer sandwich or paneer paratha. The cheese brought from the market for these dishes is not only expensive, but also many people have doubts about its quality.

Generally, considering making paneer at home as a difficult task, people like to bring it from the market, but today we are going to tell you an easy method of making paneer from milk at home. By following this, you can easily make fresh paneer at home without any adulteration.

Ingredients for making Cheese
Full cream milk – 2 liters
Lemon juice – 2 tbsp
Cold water – 1 liter

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Make paneer like this at home
To prepare soft and spongy paneer like market at home, first take a big vessel. Pour two liters of milk in it. Now put it on the gas to heat. When the milk is well heated, then add a small spoon of lemon juice and a little water to it. Do this process in boiled milk. After some time the milk will burst. When the milk breaks up well, add cold water to it and switch off the gas.

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Now filter the milk which has burst with the help of cloth or sieve. When the water of the torn milk is thoroughly drained, then tie it in a muslin cloth and keep it in a heavy object. After a few hours, when all the water from the paneer is removed from the cloth, then your paneer will be ready. You can make this delicious vegetable with fresh cottage cheese made at home.
can serve.

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