Parijat-Harsingar also cures pain from cold-cough to arthritis

Know health benefits of parijat or Harsingar: According to Ayurveda, Parijat or Harsingar is a medicinal plant. Many properties are present in its leaves. This plant is considered sacred in India. According to the belief, the Parijat plant was planted by Devraj Indra in heaven. Harsingar is another name of Parijat. The flowers of Harsingar are very fragrant, with small petals and white in color. The bright orange color in the middle of the flower further enhances its beauty. This flower blooms only at night, hence it is also called night-blooming jasmine. It is also called the queen of the night. Many properties are found in the leaves, flowers and bark of this plant. With this, the pain of sciatica and arthritis can be cured. Apart from this, its leaves have the ability to kill stomach worms. Also, its leaves are very beneficial in cold and cough. ht According to the news of Parijat, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are present, which are helpful in fighting many diseases. So let us know what can be treated with Parijat.

Benefits of Parijat

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sciatica pain treatment
Grind parijat leaves and boil it with hot water. After that filter it and drink it. Consuming it twice a day on an empty stomach can end the pain of sciatica.

relief from cold and cough
Grind the leaves of Parijat and mix it with honey and eat it. If you want, grind the leaves of Parijat and filter it and mix it with honey and make it like a juice. Consume it twice a day. Dry cough will be over. For cold and cough, you can make it like a tea and drink it. Boil parijat leaves with water. Also give some basil leaves in it. Drink it daily, cold and cough will go away.

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Effective in arthritis pain
Take Parijat leaves, bark and flowers together. Mix 200 grams of water in 5 grams of these ingredients. Make a decoction of it. Keep it on the fire until two-thirds of the water dries up. Only a quarter of the water should be left. Now consume it.

Swelling and pain relief
Make a decoction by boiling parijat leaves in water, consume it twice. The swelling will end and the pain caused by this will also be relieved.

Its leaves get rid of stomach worms
Parijat leaves are very effective in killing any kind of worms in the stomach. For this, grind fresh leaves and extract the juice from it and drink it after mixing sugar in it. This kills the harmful worms living in the stomach and intestines.

Parijat plant heals wounds
Parijat has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is capable of healing any kind of wounds. For this, make a paste of Parijat seeds. Apply it on boils or other common wounds. This heals the wound.

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