People of 20 plus age should never make these 5 mistakes in skin care, know what experts say

Skincare Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your 20s : The age between 20 to 30 years is an important time in life. At this time we are busy in many things and many changes start coming in the skin too. Although many people think that this is a time when we do not need skin care. But if experts are to be believed, then this is the age when we should start taking care of our skin. indian express Renowned Dermatologist Dr. Aanchal Panth says in an article that at the age of 20 to 30, we need to be very careful about skin care. In such a situation, at this age, we should avoid doing 5 mistakes at any cost.

Avoid making these mistakes regarding skin care

1. Not Applying Moisturizer

Many people do not give importance to skin care at this age and do not even apply moisturizer. Especially people whose skin is normal to dry, they avoid applying moisturizer at all on the skin. While this should not be done. Choose and use moisturizer according to your skin.

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2.Foam Face Wash For Dry Skin

If your skin is dry and you are using foam face wash, then you are making a big mistake. Let us tell you that doing this can make the skin more dry.

3. Not Removing Eye Makeup

Let us tell you that if a little bit of kajal or eye liner remains in your eyes, then it has a bad effect on your skin and eye lead and even eye lashes. Allergies and infections can happen here very easily.

4. Not applying sunscreen

Although now people have become aware about sunscreen, but even today there are many people who do not use it. Let us tell you that sunscreen helps a lot in protecting your skin.

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5. Carrying expensive things

Many people think that skin care is good only when it is expensive. However, it is not like that. If you are using the things of a good company, then its effect will be good. However, overnight nothing has any effect.

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