People taking both doses of vaccine can also spread corona infection – new study

people become infected after vaccination : After getting both the vaccines of coronavirus, if you are being very careless considering yourself as ‘Bahubali’, then be careful. Because in a new study it has been found that both those who take the vaccine and those who do not take it are the same in terms of spreading the infection. Organized by Imperial College London, UK Study According to this, the amount of virus at the time of infection is almost equal in those who are vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated. However, the person taking the vaccine has a rapid reduction in infection and recovers quickly. This also shows how important vaccination against corona virus is. This study was published in the medical journal The Lancet. published Has been done. It has been shown that even after getting both the vaccines, people are not only getting infected, but there is also a 38 percent risk of infecting other family members with such people. According to this report, even if both the doses of the vaccine have been given to other people in the family, the risk of spreading the infection among them remains from 38 to 25 percent.

Researchers have drawn this result after a year’s study. During the study, a total of 440 families were tested for PCR in London and Walton from September 2020 to September 2021. It found that people who have taken both vaccines are less likely to get infected, but the vaccine does not provide complete protection from infection.

Vaccine effectiveness diminishes over time
According to this research, the effect of the vaccine decreases with time. That’s why people are also falling prey to corona infection. This is the reason why now a booster dose is needed. If we talk about the effect of vaccine, then America’s Pfizer has 88 percent effect for one month, while after five months it comes down to 74 percent. On the other hand, Oxford’s AstraZeneca has an effect of 77 percent for one month, but after 5 months it comes down to 67 percent.

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What do researchers say
Professor Ajil Lalwani of Imperial College of London, involved in the research, says that people who have taken both the vaccines are also getting infected. Therefore, it becomes very important for people who do not get vaccinated, especially in winter, people stay in homes for most of the time, so it becomes necessary to get the vaccine too. According to Dr Anika Sanganayagam, co-researcher of this research, this study has become clear why new variants or delta variants of corona are spreading rapidly.

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Benefits of taking both doses of the vaccine
Despite the risk of getting infected, there are many benefits of taking both the vaccines. Even if the person taking the vaccine is infected, there is no need to go to the hospital. This means that the shield of the vaccine protects you from the serious condition of corona.

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