Plant-based diet boosts men’s urological health

Plant based diet for urological problems: Urological problems i.e. problems related to urination are more in men. Urological problems usually increase rapidly in men after the age of 50 or 60. Although most of the elderly do not pay much attention to these problems, as a result they have to face many urological diseases. For this, it is better to pay attention to your diet from the beginning. medical dialogue According to the website, a report recently published in the Journal of Urology states that plant-based diet, ie plant-derived food, can reduce the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. . Food obtained from plants is also very beneficial for the urological health of men.

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Study done on men aged 20 to 70 years
Researchers in the US conducted a study on men to investigate this, in which it was found that the problem of erectile dysfunction was much less in those who consumed food derived from plants. Men aged 20 to 70 years were included in this study. These people were asked to answer many questions. For example, what kind of problem was there in urinating, whether anyone in his family has urologic problem, how many complaints of erectile dysfunction, what kind of complaints related to prostate, whether he is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, etc. 2549 men were included in the study.

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28 percent of people are troubled by the problem of erectile dysfunction
The study found that 1085 people had no problems with erectile dysfunction while 1464 people experienced occasional erectile dysfunction problems. At the same time, 28.8 percent of the middle-aged people were such that there was a huge problem of erectile dysfunction. The study found that the more people who used a plant-based diet, the more they stayed away from the problem of erectile dysfunction, while most people who consumed non-vegetarian food were vulnerable to this disease.

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