Plants For Winter: If you are fond of gardening, then plant these plants at home in winter.

Plants For Winter: The winter season has arrived, in which the weather remains dry and cold. Due to which many species of plants dry up due to not getting enough sunlight. But there are some plants that thrive only in winter. By the way, it is very easy to plant flowers in the winter season. Because any plant grows very easily in this season. If you too are fond of gardening, then there is nothing to worry about. Here we have brought for you a list of plants that you can plant without any problem even in the winter season and keep your gardening hobby intact. And can give a beautiful look to your garden.

winter flowering plants
Talking about flowers and forgetting roses, it is impossible, rose, Kamani, Mogra, Parijat, Kaner, Gudhal, Ratrani, etc., all flowering plants can be easily planted in the winter season. Most of these plants grow easily from cuttings. It is quite easy to grow these plants from cuttings in the month of October. Also calendula, commonly known as pot marigold, is found in various shades of yellow, deep orange. Pansy is also a winter flower, available in almost all colors. They thrive well in shade. Petunias should be grown in winter, the ‘Grandiflora’ petunia, has large flowers and is good for autumn and winter. It comes in white, yellow, pink, and dark purple colours.

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other plants
Sweet pea plants require little maintenance and can grow cold easily. Sweet linseed can be grown in winter. These small flowers have a sweet fragrance. Snowdrops are the perfect plants for your garden in winter. These flowers are beautiful, like small drops. These bloom in early November and extend through February

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grow plants like this in winter
For planting plants in winter, loamy loam or fertile soil of your garden is enough. If you have sandy soil in your garden, then you can easily make it fertile by adding cow dung and clay.

Mix 60% normal garden soil, 20% dung / composted manure, 20% sand or clay and mix them completely. After that, you can use these soils by filling them in their pots. After 24 hours of soil preparation, you plant the seed or plant in the soil.

Plants and water care
In winter, their small seedlings are prepared for planting flowers. The last week of September to the last week of October is the best time to prepare small plants. While planting the seeds, keep in mind that the soil you are using should have adequate arrangement for water to flow through it. So that the seeds do not rot before growing and remain safe.

Winter flowers should get as much sunlight as possible

Apply organic manure to these plants once every 15-20 days

Use fungicide powder while planting seeds in these plants.

Try to give cool water to the plants.

Minimize use of chemical fertilizers in potted plants.

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