Post-delivery parental depression may pose a threat to child’s mental health – study

Pregnancy And Depression: During pregnancy, women should do everything possible to stay away from stress because stress at such times not only gives physical and mental fatigue, but it can also put the unborn child at risk. According to a report published in Dainik Bhaskar, women who live in depression during pregnancy have a bad effect on the mental health of their children. Also, when they grow up, the risk of depression in these children increases more than other children of their age.

Experts from Bristol University have made this claim on the basis of the study. It has been told in this study that if a woman has depression after delivery, then this risk increases in her child. Therefore, it is important for parents to pay attention to their mental health after pregnancy and delivery.

How was the study?
This study lasted for 14 years. During this, the mental health of more than 5,000 children was regularly tracked till the age of 24 years. The study found that in children whose mothers had suffered postpartum depression, their children became worse after adolescence. In comparison, children of women who had mental problems during pregnancy had average levels of depression.

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It has more effect on girls
In the medical journal BJPsych Open published results According to this, its effect has been seen more in girls. study author Priya Rajguru According to this, children can also become depressed due to the father being in depression, but if it is only one type of depression, then the risk on children is less. He says that for the mental health of the children in adolescence to be correct, parents will have to try in advance.

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On this subject, Dr. Joan Black of the Royal College of Psychiatrists says that ‘if the parents are affected by any mental illness, then the children too may have to deal with mental problems in the future. But its treatment is possible, the only need is to help soon. According to the latest estimates of the Royal College, during the Corona period, more than 16 women could not get the necessary help after delivery. He had to face depression. So this study is important.

Daily more than 2000 teenagers are taking help of the NHS
How bad the mental health of teenagers is, can be gauged from the fact that daily more than 2,000 teenagers are taking help of the Mental Health Service of the National Health Service (NHS). According to NHS data, between April and June alone, 1.9 lakh adolescents under the age of 18 were referred for NHS mental health.

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