Premature Skin Aging: Due to these 7 habits, the skin starts appearing before age.

Habits That May Contribute to Premature Skin Aging : It is true that age is not a matter of beauty, it is reflected on your face at every age. But if you do not take care of your delicate skin, then it can become a victim of aging at an early age. In such a situation, if we change some habits of our lifestyle, then we can keep the skin young and problem free for more days. EverydayHealth According to this, if we change some habits in our daily routine, then the brightness, flawlessness, smooth texture etc. of the skin can be preserved in spite of increasing age. So let us know what habits we need to change so that our skin is protected from premature aging.

These habits cause the problem of premature aging

1.Rubbing the eyes frequently

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. In such a situation, if you rub them again and again, then it can harm the muscles around the skin and here the final lines etc. Not only this, sometimes doing this can also cause permanent side effects on the skin.

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2. Sleep less at night

If you sleep less at night then it can also spoil your skin. According to research, the skin is the most healed during the night, so if deep sleep is not taken for 7 to 8 hours, then it gradually starts losing flexibility and fine lines start coming.

3. Use of Straw for Drinking

If you only use straw for drinking, then because of this fine lines can be formed around the mouth. In such a situation, as far as possible, drink drinks etc. without straw.

4. living under stress

When you are under stress for a long time, your body continuously releases some such hormones which increase the problem of aging and premature skin.

5.Not Cleaning Makeup

If you do not remove the makeup completely on your skin before sleeping at night, then it makes your skin dry and gradually the elasticity of the skin ends, due to which the final lines start coming on the skin faster.

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6.UV Damage

If you do not use UV protector daily, then it can be very harmful for your skin. Many people use sunscreen or sun lotion but leave the neck and hands. While this should not be done.

7.Not wearing sunglasses

If you do not wear sunglasses in the sun, then it causes a lot of damage to the skin around your eyes. These skins are very delicate and get damaged due to exposure to harmful UV rays.

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