Ramdhari Singh Dinkar: ‘Character of extreme valor in Karna…’ Read Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s first canto of Rashmirathi

Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Rashmirathi: Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ was born on 23 September 1908 in Simaria village of Begusarai district of Bihar. Let us tell you that he was given the Sahitya Akademi Award for his book Sanskriti Ke 4 Chapter and the Bharatiya Jnanpith Award for ‘Urvashi’. In the compositions of Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’, Veer Ras and Shaurya saga are mostly seen. “Dinkar” was in favor of non-violence but he believed that Kurukshetra is also not wrong according to the times. The British were so horrified by the edge of his pen that they banned the works of Dinkar ji. Read his composition Rashmirathi’s first canto (Rashmirathi, Pratham Sarg).

According to the information, this Khandkavya was published in the year 1952. There are total 7 cantos in it. This poem is based on Karna of Mahabharata. Come, read the story of Karna composed by ‘Dinkar’

Rashmirathi, First Canto – Part 1

Wherever ‘Jai Ho’ burns in the world, salute to Puneet Anal,
Whoever resides in the man, we bow to the speed, to the force.
In a flower blooming on a tree, but, Namasya is a flower,
Do not search for Sudhi, the origin of virtues, the origin of power.

Do not listen to the distinction of high and low, he is the best of knowledge.
Whoever has mercy-dharma, he is the most worshiped creature.
Kshatriya is the one who is filled with the fire of fearlessness.
The best of all is a Brahmin who has renunciation of austerity.

Do not search for stunning respect, do not tell the tribe,
You get praise in the world by showing your feat.
Looking at the inferior origin, the world says wrong or right,
Heroes live by dragging and leaking in history.

Whose father was Surya, mother Kunti was Sati Kumari,
He grew up with a box flowing on the edge.
Raised in the lineage of cotton, did not even taste the water of the mother,
Karna turned out to be the most amazing hero among all the youths.

Strong in body, passionate in mind, charitable by nature,
Not of caste-gotra, of modesty, arrogant of masculinity.
Knowledge-meditation, weapons, proper practice of scripture,
Karna did his own good development himself.

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Rashmirathi, First Canto – Part 2

From the noise of a different city, from a different Purijan,
Entrepreneur engaged whole-heartedly in difficult sadhna.
Continuing in my samadhi, always crushed in my hard work,
Karna feeding like a wild kusum, away from the eyes of the world.

The safflower does not flourish only in the garden of kings,
They bloomed forever in Kunj-Kanan, away from Pur.
Did you understand which mystery ? great wonder of nature,
A very precious red keeps it selectively in the cistern.

Hidden in the screen, but how long can the sun last?
How long can Shurma tolerate the defying of the era?
After getting the time one day finally the youth woke up,
The first fire of masculinity broke out in front of everyone.

Arjuna was in the field of color, when the mother tied the strange,
The increased crowd – often from within, practice Karna’s sharasana.
Saying, ‘What is the flower in pride with applause?
Arjun! Your good luck is just in the moment dust.’

‘Whatever you did, I can also show you,
If you want, I can also teach you some new arts.
Seeing with open eyes, the business of Karna’s hands,
Shame on that man for getting a bloated cheap suyash.’

Thus saying,
The assembly was stunned, the eyes of the people remained fixed.
Mantra-enchanted-like silence of the four-dimensional people,
Only Karna’s trumpet was echoing.

Rashmirathi, First Canto – Part 3

Fira Karna, thus saying ‘Sadhu-Sadhu’, gross male and female,
The calamity fell on the leaders of the dynasty.
Drona, Bhishma, Arjuna, all fade away, all are getting sad,
One Suyodhana rose, saying, ‘Veer! well done !’

He again challenged Parth for a duel war,
The Guru indicated to Arjuna to remain silent.
Kripacharya said- ‘Listen, O brave young man unknown’
Arjuna is the son of Bharata-vansh-avatans Pandu.

‘He is a Kshatriya, he is a king’s son, he will not fight like this,
How to jump into melee?
If you want to fight with Arjuna, don’t be silent in the assembly.
Say something, tell me who are you caste?’

‘Caste! Hi ri caste!’ Karna’s heart trembled with anger,
Looking at the wrathful sun, he said with rage
‘Caste-caste rote, whose capital is only heresy,
What caste do I know? These castes are my arms.

‘Canak-umbrella on the head above, black-for-black inside,
Those who ask caste in the world are not shy.
I am the son of Sutra, but who was the father of Parth?
If you have courage, say, don’t be silent.

‘Heads held high, carry the name of the caste,
But, by the power of unrighteous exploitation, you grow up in happiness.
Your soul trembles with trembling from the low castes,
You ask for donation of thumbs by deceit.

Rashmirathi, First Canto – Part 4

‘Ask my caste, if you have power, from my arm’
From the sun-like lamp from the frontal and from the armor-coil,
Read what is visible in me, the bright light in me,
My history is inscribed in my hair.

‘Arjun is a very brave Kshatriya, so he should come next,
Show me the brilliance of Kshatriyatva.
Now snatched the arrows and arrows from the tax of this prince,
I will give you the identity of my great caste.’

Kripacharya said, ‘You are getting angry.
Simple things, you don’t even understand that.
If it would have happened without fighting the king’s son,
You need to earn some secret first.’

Karna was a bit bewildered, he was deceived in his mind.
Unable to bear the injustice, Suyodhana came forward.
Said- ‘It is a great sin to do, in this way, insult,
The lamp of that man is really like the sun.

‘It is very difficult to know the origin of rivers, of heroes,
What would have happened to the Randhirs except the bow and gotra?
Get respect from Tapobal on the ground floor,
Only cowardly cruel people making noise of ‘caste-caste’.

‘Who has not seen, when Karna came out from the crowd,
A sudden panic overshadowed an entire gathering.
Karna may be the son of a source, or Svapach, Chamar,
Dirty, but, in front of it are all the princes.

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Rashmirathi, First Canto – Part 5

‘Is it okay to insult this priceless rattan,
Of this glory of humanity, of this wealth of the earth.
Without the state, if not its right to valor,
So listen to this open declaration of mine, the whole world.

‘I place the crown of Angadesh on Karna’s head.
I dedicate a kingdom for the benefit of this Mahavir.
He took off his crown on Karna’s head.
Duryodhana’s cheers in the echoing amphitheater.

Karna was astonished by this supreme grace of Suyodhana.
He burst into tears from his arm full of gratitude.
Duryodhana said with his heart – ‘Brother! yes calm down
Why did I get upset with this petty tidbit?

‘What sacrifice did you make unique, if given to you!
Oh, be blessed life, if you accept me.’
Karna further sighed, ‘Wow, so much affection for me too!
Brave brothers! From today we have become one soul, two bodies.

‘The honor that you have given today in the midst of a full assembly,
The uplift that has given me in life in the first place.
What will I pay for the loan?
Please Dinman to come for any of your work.’

Surrounded by Karna, the enchanted priests,
There are always people desirous of bravery and worship.
Whoever says malice, jealousy, false pride,
The public recognizes his adorable hero, but takes his identity.

Rashmirathi, First Canto – Part 6

People engaged in worshiping Karna with kumkum and lotus,
The color-ground was filled with four rounds of Pulkakul Kalkal.
As Karna bowed down in courteous remarks,
The public cried out loudly, ‘Jai Maharaj Angesh.

‘Maharaj Angesh!’ Felt like an arrow going into the heart,
In a failed anger, Bhima said that he could not get anything else.
‘Hi’s bushy tail, till today this is the reason,
How will the son of the yarn be able to run any secret?’

Duryodhana said – ‘Bhima! do liars,
You are called virtuous, you keep the poison of hatred in your mind.
What happens to a big lineage, if you are wrong, work?
The quality of a male is a bright character, not family-wealth-paddy.

‘Really, Karna said, who are you, tell me,
How were you born? If you know, then open this secret?
does not see his own demerits, the condition of the strange world,
I do not understand with my eyes, the truth is my own mind.

Kripacharya came in the middle, said ‘Chhih! What is this?
What has not happened to the name left among you guys?
Come on, let’s go home, look; Evening came to be
You all must be tired, you need rest.’

All the people who left the Rang-bhoomi celebrate Mod,
Some would sing Karna and some qualities of Parth amongst themselves.
Guru Drona took Arjun away from all sides,
Saying – ‘Parth! Who has reached this new Rahu?

Rashmirathi, First Canto – Part 7

‘Not born, Arjun in the world! any strength of yours,
My attention is hanging on this one till today.
Thumb taken from Eklavya, neither curry nor mouth sigh,
I want to keep innocent son! Your way

‘But what I saw today shakes my patience,
I find in Karna the trait of extreme heroism.
If this bountiful fissure went on increasing,
Arjun! For you it could be time!

‘Thinking what solution, I’ll do with it,
How will I defeat this fiercest comet?
I will make disciple or not Karna, this is a sure thing;
Take care of the formidable talent, but you are also tat!’

To Karna from the color-bhoomi, Kauravas blowing the conch,
Singing in joy while swinging, having fun.
Age of Kanchan
Duryodhana and Karna go on giving a hug.

With great satisfaction from the sun over the cool setting,
Anga was kissing the son’s aliphatic-sucomal tax.
Today was not the time of day dear to him,
Paused moment An aircraft leaving motion on the horizon.

And hi, when we went back to the Raj Bhavan,
A vikala to the masosati mind that followed everyone.
Dreams are ruined, as if the stakes have been lost,
Kunti could not even lift her feet. (courtesy of poetry)

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