Regular exercise can reduce the risk of anxiety by 60% – Research

Exercise Reduce Risk Of Anxiety : In today’s hectic lifestyle, the most common disease seen in people in the world is nervousness, anxiety or restlessness. Which is also called Anxiety. According to the news published in Dainik Jagran, now a recent research has claimed that doing regular exercise helps in preventing anxiety. According to the study, the dangers of anxiety can be prevented through exercise. This study was published in the journal Frontiers Psychiatry. published Has been done.

The findings of this study suggest that people who exercise regularly can reduce the risk of developing anxiety by about 60%. Using data from nearly 400,000 people spanning more than two decades, the authors from Lund University in Sweden were also able to identify noticeable differences in exercise performance levels.

60 percent less risk
According to the study’s first author, Martin Svensson, from the University’s Department of Experimental Medical Science, and his colleague Tomas Dearborg, “We found that the group with a more physically active lifestyle had a follow-up period of up to 21 years (Follow up). Period) had about 60% less risk of developing anxiety related problems. This association between a physically active lifestyle and a lower risk of anxiety was observed in both men and women. “

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any exercise required
When searching online to improve our mental health, a variety of solutions are found. Studies have found that the easiest way to stay mentally healthy and maintain it in future is to exercise regularly. It is not necessary that any special exercise should be done for this. You can participate in any sport or go for regular walks.

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There are 10 percent of people in the world in whom anxiety disorder starts appearing before age. This disease is seen more in women.

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