Running or jumping rope, which method will be better in reducing weight, know the opinion of experts

Best way to lose weight: Obesity is a problem for the world. According to WHO, 1.9 billion people are obese in the whole world. Of these, 40 lakh people die prematurely every year due to obesity. Obesity is a major cause of lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease. This is the reason that people are immersed in worry day and night to reduce obesity. The easiest way to reduce obesity is by running or jumping rope. Both these methods are very easy, cost-effective and effective to reduce obesity. Now the question arises that which is the best way to reduce obesity – running or jumping rope. Indian Express Lifestyle and fitness expert Mayur Gharat has answered this question in the news. Gharat explains, we all know that our body is different. They require different things. As far as running or jumping rope to reduce obesity is concerned, both these methods are better, effective and effective. Both increase the capacity of endurance in the body. Along with this, the muscles of the heart are strong and the weight and bone density are maintained. Both these exercises prolong the lifespan and maintain overall fitness. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of running and jumping rope

Jumping rope
If you want to reduce calories in a hurry, then jumping rope is a better option for you. Energy burns from 10 to 16 calories in one minute of running. If you do sets of 3 minutes to 10-10 minutes of jumping rope, then 480 calories of energy can be burned in half an hour of jumping rope. Jumping rope is much better for rapid weight loss. Especially because of this, belly fat decreases very quickly. Apart from this, it reduces the problem of high blood pressure and heart disease. Light and frequent jumping rope puts less pressure on your knees. This improves the stability of the ankle and corrects the shape of the calves. Jumping rope requires intense foot movements. This strengthens the stamina and energizes the body.

benefits of running
Light or moderate running helps to release chemicals endorphins and serotonin in the body, which improves stress and anxiety levels. The biggest benefit of running is on the mental state of the person. Running can get rid of problems like anxiety, depression, loneliness, social isolation. Running also helps in getting good sleep. Running is also very beneficial in cleaning the lungs. Removes excess carbon dioxide accumulated in the lungs. Running also strengthens the breathing muscles.

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