Secrets of many diseases are hidden in the color of nails, know which color is a sign of which disease

nails colour indicates health problems: Everyone wants the nails on their hands to look beautiful, but sometimes the color and shape of the nails change. Changing the color and shape of nails is not good for health. According to experts, the color of nails often gives information about major diseases. webmd According to the news, if you see a change in the nails, then you should be alert because a change in the color of the nails is a sign of poor health. Changes in the color of nails can cause problems in the liver, lungs and heart. Doctors recognize the disease inside patients by looking at their nails. In such a situation, there is a need to pay attention to some symptoms like whiteness, yellow or blue, changing their shape in the nails so that diseases can be prevented in time.

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Nail changes results

to become dull and dry- If the nails do not shine, have become dry, then it can be a sign of suffering from a problem like thyroid. Dry and weak nails are a sign of an infection.

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white nails- If the nails start turning white, then hepatitis or liver disease is going to happen.

faded color If the nails are discolored or discolored, it can be a sign of anemia, heart failure, liver disease and malnutrition.

yellow nailsFungal infection is the biggest cause of yellow nails. In severe infection, the nails start becoming very thin. In some cases, yellow nails can be a sign of thyroid, lung and diabetes.

light blueIf the color of the nails has turned light blue, then it means that the body is not getting enough oxygen. It is pointing towards lung and heart problem.

Pink line on top of white nail: If a pink line appears on the upper part of your nail, then it indicates a serious disease of the body, heart disease, serious infection etc.

stripes on nails – It shows deficiency of Vitamin-B, B-12, Zinc deficiency.

blue nails There are signs of lack of oxygen in the heart, lungs.

Nail thickening- If the thickness of the nails starts growing abnormally or their layer starts thickening, then it can be a sign of many diseases. It can be a sign of diabetes, lung infection and arthritis.

curved nails- People who have curved nails may have a family inherited genetic problem. It can be a sign of liver related problems or hypochromic anaemia.

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