Sehat Ki Baat: Can We Eat Ghee While Dieting?

New Delhi. Nowadays, there is hardly any house where brain exercise is not going on regarding ghee. The brain exercise is about whether we should eat ghee or not. That is why today in Sehat Ki Baat we will talk about Ghee, the benefits of eating Ghee and the disadvantages of not eating Ghee. Before we talk about ghee, before that let me tell you that calories are very important for our body function. Our body gets 60 percent of calories from carbohydrates, 12 to 20 percent of calories from protein and 20 to 35 percent of calories from fat.

Now you can guess from this percentage that what is the importance of fat or fatty essential food in our body. Ghee and butter also come in the same fatty essential food group. Now let’s talk about people’s perceptions about ghee. Actually, when we talk about eating ghee, two types of people come in front of us. First, those who have faith in Ghee and consider Ghee to be a boon of Ayurveda. They believe that it is very important to eat ghee for a healthy body and sharp mind. At the same time, there are other people who do not like ghee in their plate.

They have their own logic behind this dislike, they say that if the body has to be made a home of diseases, then eat ghee. If you ask why, then their answer will be that eating ghee increases cholesterol, which is not good for your heart. Some people will refuse you to eat ghee by showing fear of joint, liver, kidney. So these people have the answer of Dr. Seema Singh, Head of Nutrition Department of Vasant Kunj Fortis Hospital that ‘Fat is necessary, it is necessary for everyone, if there is a heart patient then it is also necessary for him.’ Now it is a different matter whether you are taking fat from ghee or from butter.

Can ghee be a part of daily life??
Nutritionist Dr. Seema Singh further says that “Ghee can become a part of our daily life. Total fat intake depends on how much fat we are consuming throughout the day. So we can take some part of it in the form of ghee in liquid form. For example, with that ghee, we sprinkle the dal. Now who is to be applied on roti or who is not to be applied, it is a matter of personal consultation. Yes, it can definitely be said that all people can eat ghee, they can eat ghee on the advice of a dietician. That bill will be part of daily fat intake.”

Now let’s talk that if we stop eating food products containing ghee or fatty acids, then what are the disadvantages of it. On this, Dr. Seema Singh says that ‘if we take a zero fat diet, then the body’s thermostat deteriorates a bit. Therefore, all the things are necessary, it is also necessary to eat fat. Actually, the body is not able to make fat as per the requirement. Fat is the essential asset of the body. If we do not fit it from outside, then the rest of the functions of our body will be affected.

Can you get ugly by not eating ghee?
If you talk about ghee only, then by not eating ghee, your skin will be spoiled before eating ghee, because the skin texture is maintained by fat, the nutrition of the skin will be stopped from ghee. As a result your skin will become dry and rough. By not eating ghee or food products with fatty essential properties, your brain functioning and reproductive system are also affected badly. Apart from this, the effect of not consuming fat is also seen on your body’s lipid profile, liver and digestion.

Regarding food products containing ghee or fatty essentials, Dr. Seema says that ‘fat has a lot of role. Which we have only made fat bad, but fat is not bad, fat is very supportive for us. We have to learn how to eat good fat. We can take feed swill, a little butter, little ghee can take everything, keep the quantity low. Do not zero. In the end, we will say that excess of anything is bad, but if you eat ghee on the advice of a dietician, then believe that it will not be harmful, but it will be beneficial.

Ghee your skin, very important for mind and health, Are you on dieting too?, still eat ghee, But in limited quantity on the advice of dietitian.

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