Selected compositions of ‘Alfaz-e-Zidgi’ read ‘Tarash le tu khud ko…’

Alfaaz-e-Zindagi Book Review: Many times people come across different types of emotions, but even after feeling, they are not able to express themselves. For the same people, young writer Anjali Sharma, published by Khwab Publication, has prepared a collection of Sher-o-shayari and poems with words revolving around life, which has been named ‘Alfaz-e-Zidgi’. Let us tell you that his poems have been published as co-authors in many poetry collections. In this poetry collection, the author has tried to engrave many such aspects of life on paper, which every person has to deal with at some point in life. When the burden of restlessness increases, then alphabets similar to the situation and the net woven from them act as ointment.

In ‘Alfaz-e-Zidgi’, you will read such compositions, after reading which you may feel that this was your reality at some stage of your life. This collection not only talks about pain, but also the beautiful feeling of love. Passing through the streets of helplessness, life, pain, despair and sadness, happiness has also been met here.
Sometimes we want to say a lot but cannot say it. For such situations it is written in the book-

“The tone changed while telling his own story,
The tongue became silent when the throat was full.
Often people lose everything because of wrong decisions and they have nothing left but to grieve. In such a situation, this lion narrates their situation very well.
“In just one word, he described his life,
Putting the paper on fire by writing ‘devastated’.

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Many times we remain silent even after seeing a lot going wrong in front of us and then…

“I rolled my eyes seeing something wrong.
Then kept cursing by calling herself wrong.
“It would be wrong to say wrong is wrong.
Shhh! Shut up someone will have an issue.”
It happens to many people that nothing is perfect in their life but still they claim that everything is good. For this realization, the author has written-

“I think I can put these memories together and keep them in a sinking boat,
And then in the middle I explain myself ‘all is well, everything is fine’.

Usually people run after dreams and leave their loved ones behind and repent from time to time. These lines describe this situation very well-

“Everything has stopped here,
Even this time does not pass now,
where life is easily cut
This process of rain of sorrow never stops,
Don’t feel the difference now living and dying
Heart beat in chest is no longer known
It used to be difficult to live like this,
I never leave the house with dreams.

Many people have a lot of money but no peace, they keep saying this-

Where do you get this peace, what is its price?
Tell me, what should I mortgage and buy it?”

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Many times such accidents happen in a person’s life, due to which he starts losing faith in God. It can be understood as follows-

“He is big, so he acts arbitrarily,
Had he not been God, I would have pulled his ears.

It often happens that people need a hope and encouragement to keep moving forward, for them it is written in the book-

“Afraid that everything will change,
What has already been broken will now be shattered.
Everyone did a lot of intelligent things,
Where will the one who remained silent go?
Everyone is sitting here now tired,
This vortex of difficulties will also come out.
Pause for a while and carve yourself,
What is lost will be found somewhere in you.
There is still way to go till the destination,
Don’t think that your sun will go down like this.

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Mother, who has become a shield between us and every trouble in our life, understands everything without saying anything to us. You can make them feel special by reading these lines for them-
“She buries the burnt loaves at the bottom,
Even today, she easily hides my mistakes.
If I say in the middle of the night I am hungry,
Even after exhausting the whole day, she keeps the stove lit.

When I am disappointed, she calls me near,
Pats my troubles and makes me sleep deeply.
If I say I need to be with him,
By making me laugh, she makes me forget all my sorrows.

Seeing me back every time pushes me forward,
Steaming the face tells the mood of my health.
If I get angry with someone about something,
The philosophy of living happily is taught every time.
She never tells me that she is upset with my habits
For a while, she swells her mouth, then she smiles.
If I get annoyed with him sometimes,
By quarreling with me, she takes a joke.

Even when the forehead is hot, she decorates her own house,
In every trouble, he himself bears the whole burden.
If I say my health is not good,
Becoming a Hakeem, she tries every legitimate recipe.

She doesn’t say that she is sorry about anything
How does she make every regret go away in laughter?
If I say nothing good happens to me,
She easily shows something good even in bad.

She talks about dreams too, tells reality too.
Truth shows the difference between lies very easily.
If I say it’s a bit confusing,
She smiles a little and teaches to solve the confusion.

She buries the burnt rotis at the bottom,
Even today, she easily hides my mistakes.

Many times there is a lot of love between two people, but with time the way of expressing it changes or two people meet again after being separated for a long time, then one feels like saying this to each other-

“The distance from the first meeting to the contract,
Will you settle with me again?
Whatever be the relationship between, will you fall in love with me?

There are many such people who fall in love with anyone at any time.

“Every day his heart breaks
talk, talk about something,
Every day he seems to be in love.”

For information, let us tell you that ‘Alfaz-e-Zindagi’ is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

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