Shardiya Navratri 2021: Follow these fashion trends for Garba and Dandiya nights in Navratri

Fashion Tips for Navratri: Navratri is going to start from 7th October. On this occasion, on one hand, people will worship and worship the mother by being drenched in the devotion of nine forms of Goddess Durga. On the other hand, to please the mother, Garba and Dandiya will also be played. Both these dance forms have become a big part of Navratri fashion along with the tradition. That is why during Navratri, not only in Puja pandals but also in clubs and resorts, Garba and Dandiya nights programs are being organized.

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To attend Garba and Dandiya nights, people want to dress up traditionally keeping in mind the fashion. In such a situation, he remains very confused as to what he should carry in Garba and Dandiya nights. So let us solve your confusion and tell how you can get ready.

Chaniya Choli

For Garba and Dandiya nights, you can wear a Rajasthani Chaniya-choli adorned with Kutch embroidery. Talking about their design, they are given a heavy look with big patchwork. These days backless Kutch embroidered blouses are very much in fashion. If you want, you can also try them with saree.

waterproof makeup

To enhance your style and beauty, you apply waterproof makeup. With this, when you play garba or dandiya, you will not have to worry about the makeup getting spoiled due to sweating.

Tattoos on back, neck and waist

Tattoo fashion is also very much in trend in this era of fashion. If you like to wear backless blouse, then you can get permanent or temporary tattoos done on your back, neck and waist.

bangles and waistband

To add beauty to your beauty, you can also take the help of multicolor or matching bangles and waistband with your dress. Both these things will make you look fashionable as well as traditional.

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Kolhapuri Chappal

Kolhapuri or Rajasthani chappals and mojri with your traditional dress will add to your fashion quotient. This will not only give you a good look but also make your feet feel comfortable while dancing.


Like the heroine of old films, the fashion of putting big flowers in a bun or a ponytail is also in trend. You can put flowers in your bun or braid to enhance your beauty. It will also help you to give a classy look along with the traditional look.

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