Shardiya Navratri 2021: If you want to be in Navratri, drenched in the devotion of the mother, then turn to these places

Best Places to Celebrate Navratri: Navratri is going to start from 7th October. For which people seem very excited. During Navratri, nine forms of Maa Durga are worshiped for nine days. During this, people observe fasting with worship and go to temples and pandals to see the mother. Cultural programs are held in many places, while in some places a grand celebration of Ramlila is organized.

Actually, the festival of this festival of faith, which lasts for nine days, is celebrated in different ways in different regions of the country. If you also want to see and drench these different colors of Navratri festival. So you can make a plan to visit the places mentioned here. Let us know about them.

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West Bengal

The festival of Navratri festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in West Bengal. Here there is a queue of devotees in the temples of Mother Goddess, as well as there is a huge crowd in the pandals. In these pandals, where many devotional and cultural programs are organized. So under Sindoor Khela, Holi is played with vermilion. During this, women come to the pandals after dressing up and apply vermilion to each other. You must go here to see this unique shade of this festival.


In Gujarat too, the festival of Navratri, drenched in the devotion of Mother Durga, has a different fervor. The special attraction here is Garba and Dandiya dance. This dance is done under the worship of Mother Goddess. Garba dance is a tradition to be performed before the worship of the goddess and after the dandiya dance puja. Dandiya and Garba nights are organized not only in pandals but also in big hotels and resorts. Where people take part in Saj-Sanvarkar dance programs. You must go here to see the joy and gaiety of Navratri.


In Punjab too, there is a different atmosphere of gaiety during Navratri festival. Here people worship the mother like normal places. In these days, there are many programs of night awakening in homes, temples and pandals. In which big artists also participate. If you also want to see the glory of Jagrats, then you can turn to Punjab during Navratri.

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The splendor of Navratri festival in Delhi is worth seeing. Another where long queues are held in the temples of Mata for the darshan of the mother. So on the days of Navratri, special programs of Ram Leela are organized at different places here. If you also want to enjoy Ramlila then you must reach here.

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