Shardiya Navratri 2021: Kuttu flour is used in Navratri, so keep these things in mind while buying and making

Kuttu Ka Atta Tips: Navratri of nine days has started. On Navratri, people keep fasting for nine days at home. People eat fruits for nine days and express their devotion to the goddess. In such a situation, people follow a special diet so that energy remains in the body and there is no weakness. Among these, Buckwheat Flour is a very popular food. It is rich in iron, protein, etc., which keeps us energy. Many people make its cheela, dosa, puri etc. according to their choice. But sometimes people have to face a lot of difficulty in making it. Not only this, many times we are not aware and while buying it from the market, we do some general negligence and they start harming instead of being beneficial for health.

Keep these things in mind while buying buckwheat flour

select new product

Whenever you go to buy buckwheat flour, buy only the packaged product. Apart from this, whenever you buy, keep in mind that this flour is not too old.

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recognize quality

When buying this, give importance to quality. If you are taking buckwheat flour open, then touch it and try it. If it is rough or black grains are visible in the middle, then do not take it. These can be fungus.

use fresh flour

It would be best if you use buckwheat flour after grinding it fresh. Its taste is also good and it is also fresh. But if you are taking the packet, then keep in mind that the packet is not torn nor is it old. Because there are very small white colored insects in it, which you cannot even see easily.

Keep these things in mind while cooking buckwheat flour

Whenever you want to use buckwheat flour, use it only after sifting it well.

Whenever the dough has to be kneaded, use rock salt in it to make it soft and tasty. Do not put it directly and dissolve it in water and knead the dough with this water.

Knead the dough at the same time when you want to make it. If you keep kneading it for a long time, then it can be difficult to roll and make them.

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Use it in lunch or breakfast. Consuming things made from buckwheat flour before sleeping at night can affect your digestion. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned expert before following these.)

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