Slip disc pain will no longer hurt, learn new treatment techniques

Slip Disc Treatment by Microdiscectomy: It is generally believed that due to an accident or lifting heavy things, there is a problem of slip disc, but let us tell that nowadays this problem has started increasing very fast among the youth. The reason for its increasing cases is increasing inactivity and working on a laptop or computer for hours with bad posture. Experts say that in the last few years, this problem has increased very fast among the youth below 40 years of age and they are making rounds of doctors and clinics to get rid of it.

In a report published in Dainik Jagran, spine surgeon Dr Ankur Gupta of Kanpur has told about a technique effective in the treatment of this problem. Its name is Microdiscectomy. In micro discectomy, the pinched vein is opened through the operation, which can relieve the pain of slip disc.

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Slip disc due to compression of nerves
In the report, Dr. Gupta, referring to a case, said that 35-year-old Anil Kumar works in a private company. During the Corona period, he had to work from home. Due to being at home, the way of sitting while working was not good. Due to this there was pain in his back. Gradually the pain increased so much that it became difficult for him to walk, even to stand. The condition became such that numbness, tingling, burning, stretch and heaviness started to be felt in both his legs along with back pain. According to Dr Gupta, these symptoms are due to Sciatica due to slip disc. .

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New treatment technology is effective
Anil Kumar In this case, after taking advice from the doctor, it was found in the investigation that the veins (L4 and L5) in his groin were suppressed. The doctor asked him to undergo an operation with a new technique Microdiscectomy so that the pinched vein can be cured. So that their troubles can be removed forever. Anil panicked as soon as he heard the name of the operation. The troublesome things of traditional surgery started running in his mind. To remove the fear from his mind, the doctor introduced him to some people who got the operation done with this new technique and now they have been cured. Let us tell you that now Anil is also healthy after getting the operation done.

Features of micro discectomy technique

In micro discectomy technique, a one inch incision is made to open the vein buried in the spinal cord through special equipment.
It takes about an hour to complete this operation.
After the operation, when the pinched vein is opened, the pain and discomfort of the legs goes away.
The patient is allowed to walk after a day.
The doctor says that this surgery is completely safe and effective.
After one and a half to 2 weeks after the operation, the patient starts doing all his work easily.

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