Star fruit is rich in nutrients, it is beneficial for the body in this way

Star Fruit Benefits: Kamarkha- Your mouth must have watered as soon as you hear its name and you must have remembered that era of childhood, when you would not forget to taste it outside school and college. You must have felt its test many times by taking sizzling but you might not know about its benefits. Let us tell you that Kamarkha, which is known as Star Fruit in today’s era. It is rich in many nutrients and is beneficial for health in many ways. Nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, sodium, iron, fiber are found in abundance in kamarkha i.e. star fruit and it is rich in anti-oxidants. Let us know about the benefits of star fruit for health.

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for bones

Eating star fruit strengthens bones. Vitamin C and calcium are found in plenty in this fruit. Which plays a special role in making bones strong.

for constipation

The problem of constipation is also removed by eating kamarkha. A lot of fiber is found in it. It helps in relieving problems related to stomach like constipation, indigestion, gas and abdominal pain.

for hair growth

By consuming this fruit, the growth of hair is also better. It also helps in making the hair strong and thick. Vitamin C and Vitamin B are abundant in Kamarkha. Along with this, anti-oxidants are also found in plenty in it.

for cholesterol

Increased cholesterol level in the body increases the risk of heart-related diseases. Therefore, you can consume star fruit to control the level of cholesterol.

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for immunity

Star fruit helps to strengthen immunity. Beta-carotene is found in large quantities in it. This beta-carotene is helpful in increasing the amount of vitamin-A in the body. Eating kamarkha helps in keeping diseases away from oneself because the risk of diseases is reduced due to strong immunity.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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