Start giving solid food to the child after 6 months, preparation should be like this

When to start with solid: When the child has to feed solid food, many questions come to mind. When to feed what to feed? But it is important to know what is necessary for the child. According to UNICEF, from the first hour of life to the age of 6 months, your baby can get all the nutrition he needs from your milk to grow and develop. He doesn’t need anything else. Then many people recommend that the child should start giving solid food i.e. cereals.

Do not give solid food before six months

Avoid giving your baby foods or liquids other than breast milk or formula before the age of 6 months. This can make him more prone to diseases like diarrhea, which can make him lean and weak. Not only this, it can also be dangerous for the life of the child. Therefore, give only milk to the child for six months. Water, tea, juice, oatmeal or any other food item or liquid should not be given during this period.

When to give solid food to baby

As your baby grows, so do his nutritional needs. During the first two years of life, up to 75 percent of every meal goes into building your baby’s brain. So when to introduce your baby to solid food items. It is important for him to have the right time. When the baby is six months old, start giving him only two to three spoons of soft food, such as oatmeal, mashed fruits or vegetables, twice a day. Along with this, continue to give frequent breastfeeding or formula as before.

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Avoid These Myths

When you start giving solids to the baby, feed them only after washing their hands with soap. Many times people will also be found advising that if the child repeatedly puts his hand in his mouth, then he should be given solid. But don’t do this at all.

non breastfed babies

Even if you do not breastfeed your baby, the best time to introduce solid food is at 6 months. This age is true for all babies, whether they are breastfed or not.

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don’t wait too long to start solid food

Your baby’s body needs extra energy and nutrients to keep growing. Waiting too long can affect your baby’s health. It can also affect the weight of the child. The baby should start giving solid food at the age of six months to ensure that they are getting all the nutrition they need for their growing body.

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