Students with less sleep have higher risk of depression, women are most affected: Research

Depression due to less sleep : Sleep deprivation is a common problem in today’s lifestyle, but it is important to pay attention to it. It can also affect your mental health. Irregular diet, work stress, day-night working style, all these affect our sleep. And it also affects our personal life, due to lack of sleep, our behavior becomes irritable, we get angry, fret. Now this problem has also been seen in the students. A new study has found that lack of sleep affects the mental health of students. About 65.5% of the students included in the study experienced poor sleep and it is associated with mental health problems. In the peer-reviewed journal Annals of Human Biology published According to the study, the risk of suffering from depression due to inadequate sleep habits is almost 4 times higher.

According to the researchers, this study revealed that 55 percent of the students had a problem with EDS i.e. Accessive Daytime Sleepiness. Let us tell you that excessive daytime sleepiness means excessive sleepiness during the day. Because of this, they were almost twice as likely to experience depression or moderate to high stress levels.

Women are more affected by lack of sleep
In addition, the study highlights the gender division, sleep deprivation and EDS have been found to be more in women. Its conclusion is that women are more affected by mental health due to lack of sleep.

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What problems do students face
Dr. Paulo Rodrigues, Head of the Faculty of Nutrition at the Federal University of Mato Grosso Brazil, involved in this study, says that sleep disorders are sleep disorders. are particularly harmful to college students, as they are associated with many negative effects on academic life. He said that because of this, students have to face problems like difficulty in concentrating, being absent in college.

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Dr Paulo Rodrigues said that the university environment increases the risk of academic stress and social life such as compromising sleep habits. He said that university managements should plan for institutional action and implementation of policies. This will encourage the development of activities that will help promote good sleep habits and benefit the mental health of the students.

More than 1100 students involved in the study
In the study, the researchers included 1,113 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the age group of 16 to 25 years. Under the study, participants were asked about their sleep quality, EDS, socioeconomic status and their body mass index (BMI) was also assessed. Based on this, an association between poor sleep quality/EDS, and depressive symptoms and perceived stress levels was estimated.

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