Suddenly dark spots and hyperpigmentation have started increasing on the face? Don’t be careless in these things

Dark Spots And Hyperpigmentation On Skin : Dark spots and pigmentation on the skin is a problem that is not easily cured. Once this problem has come on the skin, then it becomes a very difficult task to fix them. Healthline According to, hyperpigmentation occurs due to excessive production of melanin on the skin. Melanin is actually a pigment that gives color to the skin. It is produced by a special skin cell which produces it due to different reasons. Sometimes it is also due to certain medications such as chemotherapy, whereas many times the problem of hyperpigmentation starts on the face due to hormonal changes after pregnancy. Apart from this, the problem of hyperpigmentation also starts due to sun exposure. In such a situation, if we keep some things in mind, then we can stop the increasing pigmentation on our face.

Do these things to avoid dark spots and hyperpigmentation

1.Avoid Fluorescent Light

Laptops, tablets, phones, TV screens, fluorescent bulbs installed indoors increase the problem of hyperpigmentation. In this case, avoid excessive fluorescent light. You can also use SPF at home.

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2. Don’t Exfoliate Too Much

Exfoliation of sensitive skin requires special care. According to experts, exfoliation twice a week for dry skin and once a week for oily skin is enough.

3. Treating Acne

Exploitation of your acne, pus discharge, etc. can be the reason for hyperpigmentation. Due to this, dark spots occur on the face, cheeks, forehead.

4. Use of Sunscreen

Sunscreen protects your skin from UV rays. In this case, use sunscreen or sunblock lotion daily. Apply it well on the skin half an hour before going in the sun.

5.Night Time Skin Care

Be sure to follow the night time skin care routine. As far as possible, use natural things instead of chemical-rich products.

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6.Protect the skin with citric substances

Many people use things like lemon in skin care, which contain citric acid in abundance. This disturbs the pH balance of the skin. Due to which the acidic reaction on your face can happen faster when you go out in the sun.

7.Avoid Such Products

Avoid skin care products that contain retinoic or hydroquinone acid products. This disturbs the skin concentration and can lead to increased hyperpigmentation on the skin.

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