Suicide history also increases suicidal tendencies in the family – Dr. Aruna Bruta

World suicide prevention day: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 7 lakh people commit suicide every year in the world after getting fed up with life. That is, every 40 seconds in the world, one person dies due to suicide. If someone commits suicide by failing in career or studies, then someone takes suicidal steps after being troubled by financial difficulties. There are many reasons for suicide. According to the WHO, 77 percent of suicides occur in poor and middle-income countries. This does not mean that people in rich countries do not commit suicide. Rich people also commit suicide. World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated every year on 10 September to bring awareness among people to prevent the tendency of suicides. But the biggest question is, can suicides be prevented?

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It can also be treated in the early stages
Former Delhi University professor and clinical psychologist Aruna Bruta says in this case, the act of suicide is so unpredictable and sudden that it is difficult to detect it in advance. Although such science is developed, on the basis of changes in some behavior of a person, it can be ascertained whether a person has suicidal tendency or not, but no one can know it except experts. In this too, it is detected at the very beginning, then only it can be treated.

Dr. Aruna Bruta explains that if a person is highly charged, has a lot of negativity, then the specialist can decide that he needs treatment. In some cases, after showing the very initial symptoms, such persons can also be cured with medicine. However, there is very little chance that common people can catch these signals. Dr Aruna Bruta said, Suicide is still an unsolved science on which a lot of work is going on.

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Family history is also responsible for suicide
Dr Aruna Bruta said that there are some scientific reasons for the tendency of suicide which cannot be ignored. He said that suicide can also be genetic. If there is a history of suicide of any of the maternal uncle, maternal grandfather, father, grandfather, mother or maternal grandmother in the family of a person, then such persons may also have suicidal tendencies. Apart from this, there are many types of biochemical disorders which promote the tendency of suicide.

Environment can also be a reason for suicide. Dr Bruta said, in countries like India, most people commit suicide due to deprivation. If there is a lot of debt or there is a problem of food and drink, then in such a case sometimes the person commits suicide himself, even kills his child or wife etc. Mood swings and schizophrenic personality disorder can be a major reason for suicide in people from affluent families.

emotional support needed
So is there any way to save people from suicide? On this Dr. Aruna Bruta said, although there is no full proof method for this, but if the person behaves abnormally, is schizophrenic, is always full of negativity and has a lot of impulsive impulse, then such person develops suicidal tendencies. Might be possible.

Yes, such a person should also have a lot of will power because without will power no one can commit suicide. Therefore a person living in depression does not commit suicide because he is weak. If such a person is in the house then the family should support them emotionally and not go to any witchcraft for this.

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