Symptoms of Kovid are visible in Corona positive children for a long time: Study

Long Covid Symptoms In Children: The havoc of Corona has affected everything. For the last two years, it has disturbed normal life, but till now it is not taking the name of going. People are so disturbed by the fear of Corona that they are taking every step with a whiff. Initially, when Corona knocked, it was said that the virus does not affect children, but thousands of children around the world have been caught by Corona. Of course, the effect of corona is less on children, but the child who is getting corona infected, its effect remains on him for months. A study conducted in Britain has found that even in children, the effect of Kovid-19 (Long COVID Symptoms) persists for a long time.

Three symptoms still visible after 15 weeks
According to the study, even one month after recovery from Kovid infection, one in 7 infected children is a victim of long Kovid symptoms. Although very few children are infected with Kovid, but the children who are getting positive, they continue to bother with the symptoms of corona for a long time. Researchers from the University College of London included 11 to 17-year-olds in a major research. The study found that children who have been infected with corona showed at least three symptoms of corona even after 15 weeks.

Fatigue and headache problems in positive children
In this study, 3065 children aged 11 to 17 years were included in the UK. All these children were corona positive between January and March. The study also included 3739 children of the same age who were found negative in the Kovid test during the same period. Now a comparison was made between these two. Of the children who were found to be corona positive, 14 percent of the children complained of fatigue, headache, while only 7 percent of the corona negative children saw such symptoms.

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