T cell can compete with corona even if antibodies are low, know from expert how

T Cells Compete With Corona : The process of research is going on all over the world to find answers to the questions related to the corona virus. However, till now no concrete cure has been found for it. But there is full emphasis on applying the vaccine to increase the body’s antibodies. In a report published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, Pharma expert Dr Tushar Gore has told how T cell is capable of combating the virus when the antibodies in the body weaken after applying the vaccine. Dr Gorey says that according to the data received from Israel and America, there has been a decline in protection against corona infection after the vaccine. But he is quite sure about one thing in this that due to the vaccine, the rate of hospitalization patients in these countries has come down.

Dr Gore says that some similar figures have also come from the UK i.e. United Kingdom, there has also been a decline in the rate of hospitalization patients. In this report, he has answered many questions related to the vaccine, antibodies and its effect on the immune system.

Where does the virus attack in our body?
Describing the immune system in this report, Dr. Gore says that it is a complex collective process, which protects us from bacteria and viruses. They say that the virus attacks two places in our body. One-circulatory system ie the circulatory system from where it circulates in the body. Second- there are cells of tissues ie tissue cells, by attacking these the virus increases manifold.

who will fight the virus
Dr Gore explains that the first weapon to fight the virus in the body is antibodies. These are large protein molecules, which lock-in to compete with the virus and prevent attack on cells. Antibodies are the body’s first line of defense. But after the virus enters the cells of the body, the antibodies become ineffective. In such a situation, the role of killer T cell begins.

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T-cells are an important part of our immune system. The good thing is that the vaccine enables T-cells to fight the virus and its variants. T cell virus kills the cells. Strong T cells protect us even when antibodies are weak.

T cell will protect against serious disease
Dr Gore says that the corona vaccine causes a dual immune response. Antibody levels decrease over time. The system has a memory for antibody production. Weak antibodies may cause corona, but if the T cell response is intact, then serious disease will not occur.

How helpful is the third dose?
According to Dr Gore, the rate of hospitalization is greatly reduced after two doses of the corona vaccine. Antibody levels improve by the third dose. Some countries are also giving a third dose to high-risk populations.

How long does the vaccine dose last?
Dr Gore says that all the vaccines of Corona that have been made now are all based on the original Wuhan strain of Kovid. How long will two or three doses of the vaccine be effective? How much protection will the new variant get? Can’t say anything about it yet. Because right now the big challenge before the world is to prevent virus infection between vaccinated people and unvaccinated people.

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Dr Gore says that there is no comprehensive data on the effectiveness of two doses of the vaccine and the effect of the third dose in the Indian population. In such a situation, the process of applying wax to children should start soon. Along with this, masks, social distancing, cleanliness and proper ventilation in crowded places are necessary to prevent infection.

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