Take your children out of the negative environment like this

How To Keep Children Away From Negativity: The world is passing through an unprecedented pandemic. For the past two years, we have been hearing negative and disturbing news all day long. There are many families who have lost a lot in the last few months, there are also many who are facing financial stress. There are many families in which depression has made a home. In such a situation, like other members of the house, there are children who are living in this environment. In such a situation, parents probably understand that children have adjusted to this changed situation, but you should note that these children are also under the same stress as you and us.

Negative news is affecting their mind as much as the elders. So as a parent, what you can do to remove fear and negativity from their mind, know here.

1. Ask Their Troubles Honestly

Usually, when we have more information than we need, then we start getting negatively affected. The same is happening with our children. With the help of Internet and TV, they are taking information which is having a bad effect on their subconscious mind. Due to this, there are changes in the routine like sleeping at a higher rate, sleeplessness, change in behavior, lack of interest in eating, not talking etc. symptoms start appearing. become more furious or become quiet at all. There is always a feeling of heaviness and fatigue. Do not feel like doing activities of your choice. If something like this has changed in your child too, then understand that you need to talk. In such a situation, do not ignore them at all.

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2. Don’t Take Problems Lightly

Many times it happens that we ask children many times whether there is any problem or sometimes they do not speak. Do not get relaxed after listening to them. Keep monitoring them. No matter how open your relationship may be, but for the children, you are their parent. Most children do not tell everything to their parents. In this way, you should instill confidence in the child. Don’t tease issues on which you don’t have the same opinion. You can tell them that you are with them in any situation. Spend better time with children. While talking, ask them about their problem. This means to say that children should not be left on their own terms. No matter how much they refuse, try to know their problems and also suggest solutions.

3. There is no one solution to every problem

Do not take their problems lightly or compare them with your bigger problems. Remember that every problem is unique and the solution should also be unique.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)

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