Taking vitamin D reduces the risk of serious corona infection – research

Vitamin D Fights Corona Infection : Keeping the body healthy during the corona period is the first thing and if you want to stay away from diseases for a long time, then for this you need to include Vitamin D in your diet like other essential vitamins and nutrients. needed. Sunlight is the biggest natural source of Vitamin D. Therefore, vitamin D is needed to make bones, muscles and teeth healthy and strong. Not only this, vitamin D also does the work of transporting calcium to the bones in our body.

According to a report published in Dainik Jagran, vitamin D can protect you from serious infection of corona. According to a new study to protect against coronavirus (Kovid-19), the role of vitamin D has been found in the prevention of serious infection of the virus. According to the study, having adequate amounts of vitamin D in the body can not only prevent the infection from becoming serious, but can also prevent the risk of death. This conclusion has been drawn on the basis of an international study.

What happened in the study
This study has been done by a group of researchers from Trinity College in Ireland, Edinburgh University in Scotland and Zhejiang University in China. The results of the study have been published in the journal Scientific Reports. The study looked at several levels of vitamin D. Based on which the researchers said that vitamin D can protect against serious disease and death of corona.

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Researcher Xu Li from Zhejiang University said, ‘Our study supports the use of vitamin D supplementation. Its consumption can not only maintain the health of bones and muscles, but can also provide protection against corona.

Vitamin D supplementation found to be safe
Trinity College professor Leena Jagaga, who was associated with this study, said, ‘Vitamin D supplementation has been found to be safe in the corona test. This can be a cost-effective method of defence. The relationship between vitamin D deficiency and corona has already come to the fore from earlier studies.

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How to supply Vitamin D
Healthline According to this, when we come in contact with sunlight, the body itself starts making vitamin D. This is the reason why this vitamin is also called sunshine vitamin. However, there are some foods that contain vitamin D. For example, vitamin D can be supplied in the body by consuming salmon, liver oil, tuna, egg yolk, mushroom, cow’s milk, soybean milk, orange juice, oatmeal etc. Apart from this, you can also consume vitamin D supplements etc.

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