Tea Varieties: If you don’t feel refreshed without tea? Know about these 10 types of tea

Tea Varieties: Most of the people in our country start their day with a cup of tea. If you are also among them, then you will be happy to know that apart from traditional tea, there are many varieties of tea which you can test. Each tea has a different style in itself and its properties are also different from others. For tea lovers, this information can be icing on the cake. Different types of tea can be enjoyed as a beverage in different parts of the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. There are many drinks that cannot be called tea, but the method of making them is almost the same as tea.

We are going to give you information about 10 such varieties of tea. You can also enjoy all these teas. The day can be started with tea of ​​different varieties which will give freshness keeping in mind your health.

1. Masala Chai – Masala chai is different from traditional chai. Herbs, cloves and cinnamon can be used in this. In a way, this tea is made keeping health in mind. Mamri tea plants of Assam are also used in this.
2. Green Tea – You can also start your day with green tea. Its main ingredients are half or a teaspoon of green tea powder and a teaspoon of honey. The use of green tea tea is also very beneficial in terms of health.

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3. Irani Tea – Irani tea is also quite famous in some parts of the country. This tea is found especially in Hyderabad and Pune. The people there like it a lot. The way of making it is also different.
4. Tandoori Tea – You must have tasted tandoori roti, but have you ever tasted tandoori tea? Tandoori tea is a unique variety from Pune, Maharashtra. It is made in tandoor and then served in kulhad.
5. Black Tea – Tea is usually not made without milk, but milk is not used at all in black tea. This tea is very strong. Especially Assamese plants are used to make it.
6. Herbal Tea – Herbal tea is drunk to improve health. As its name suggests, lemon, coriander seeds, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, ginger etc. are used in hot water to make it.

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7. Noon Tea – Noon tea is quite famous in Kashmir. This tea is made in samvar. This tea is also famous as the traditional tea of ​​Kashmir. Noon tea is found in Kashmir as well as in many areas of Rajasthan and Nepal.
8. Butter Tea – This tea is made by the people living in the Himalayan region. People of Himalayan region of India, Nepal prepare it with yak butter, tea leaves and salt. This is salty tea.
9. Ice Tea – It sounds a bit strange to hear that ice is used for tea, but something similar is done to make ice tea. This tea is drunk in many places in our country. This lemon ice tea is also available in the form.
10. Lemon Grass Tea – Lemon grass tea is also very beneficial for the body. The taste of this tea is sour. Along with this, it detoxifies the body, due to which the body remains healthy.

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