Teach children these 4 yogasanas, their height will increase

Yoga For Kids Height, Parenting Guide: Until the children grow up, there remains some confusion about their health. Especially when children are of growing age and their height does not increase, then the worry doubles. Let us tell you that there are some yogas which you should do with your children so that they are encouraged and their height also increases.

This will not only increase the length, but the mind of the children will also be sharp and their body will also become strong.

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To do Tadasana, first ask the child to stand upright. After that, join both the legs and ask them to move the hands up.


First of all, stand straight and while exhaling slowly, take the upper body down from the hip. Move the fingers of the hands to the feet. During this, the nose and head should rest on the knees.


To do Vrikshasana, place the right foot on the thighs of the left foot, the whole body should be straight and the hands should be in the posture of Namaste above the head.


Lie down on your stomach and try to hold the heels with your palms. Raise the legs and arms as high as possible.

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Not only posture will help to increase height, but it is also necessary for the child to take a good diet. Take special care of the food and drink of the child. Also give them a chance to play. Send children to play outside and spend time with them on your own. This will make the children physically strong and their physical development will also take place. Before doing all these asanas to the child, take the advice of the doctor and teach all these asanas to the children with the help of videos or any yoga guru.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned expert before following these.)

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