The craze of freestyle stunt riding increased in the country, know all the benefits and safety features from the experts

New Delhi. The craze of bicycle freestyle stunts is increasing rapidly among the youth. Till now its craze was only in foreign countries. But as the market for hi-tech bicycles developed in the country, the craze of freestyle stunts with bicycles started increasing. Of course, there is a lot of risk in these stunts. But if you do stunts with full training and safety features, then you can easily do these stunts. Let us tell you that at this time due to the corona epidemic, the daily routine of the people has also deteriorated. In such a situation, if you do freestyle stunts, then in a small space that you can easily burn a lot of your calories. Let’s know everything about it from freestyle stunt expert Rohit Chauhan.

Stunts help to keep the body fit According to Rohit, it takes a lot of time to learn freestyle stunts. But once you learn them, it keeps your body perfectly fit. Because in this the exercise of your whole body gets done easily. Along with this, a lot of flexibility also comes in the body.

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There are different positions in freestyle stunt riding – There are also different positions in freestyle stunt riding, which takes years to practice. There are different yoga and exercises for every part of the body, from which we benefit. Similarly, when a rider performs stunts in different positions, that too is a kind of exercise. To say, stunt riding is considered dangerous by people. But if you are a better stuntman, then you are definitely not less than an athlete person.

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Need a special cycle for stunts – Freestyle stunt riding bicycles are not like regular cycles. Its parts are imported from outside in India, which are quite expensive. Body position and stability are important in stunts. Similarly, bicycle parts are also important. Well we all know about the benefits of cycling. In such a situation, if you also want to learn freestyle stunt riding, then you must take training from an expert.

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