The disease of TB is caused not only by the cough of the infected person, but also by the breath – Research

TuberculosisĀ Spreads By Breathing : A shocking thing has come to light about TB, one of the world’s most contagious killer diseases. This lung infection, usually spread through coughing, can now spread through breathing. According to the news report published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, researchers from South Africa say that, ‘TB infection can be spread not only by coughing, but also by breathing.’ The newspaper reported this new York Times Printed with reference to. Let us tell you that till now coughing has been considered as the biggest way of spreading TB. Research has found that 90 percent of TB bacteria can be spread through inhaled aerosols or small droplets.

Let us tell you that such research has also come to the fore regarding the spread of coronavirus. This way of spreading the infection was the reason for the rapid spread of the epidemic in jails and other such closed places.

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Research has also revealed that inhaled aerosols can stay in the air for a longer time and travel farther than droplets released during coughing. In view of these results, scientists have asked to conduct a campaign on the lines of Corona to investigate and deal with TB.

Higher risk of infection in closed places
Ryan Dinkel of the University of Cape Town, explaining the results of the research, said, ‘There is no doubt that more bacteria are released during coughing, but the severity of the spread of respiratory infection is a factor. Can understand by example. If an infected person breathes 22,000 times in a day and coughs about 500 times. In such a situation, compared to the total bacteria, only 7 percent of the bacteria will spread by coughing. Therefore, in a bus or school room, where people spend a long time together, there can be a lot of respiratory infection.

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World’s second deadliest infection
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), TB is the most deadly infection in the world after the corona epidemic. According to the WHO report, 15 lakh people died due to TB last year. The death toll has increased for the first time in 10 years due to the Corona lockdown. TB infection was detected in 58 lakh people in 2020. WHO estimates that the actual number of infected is close to one crore. Most of these are unknowingly infecting others.

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