The driver’s life was saved when the car fell on the road below the flyover, watch video

A very horrifying video is going viral on social media in which a car is seen falling straight down the road from the flyover. This incident is from Gachibowli area of ​​Hyderabad where a car is seen falling straight down from the recently opened Biodiversity flyover. The incident happened at one o’clock on Saturday. In this incident a woman died and about 6 people were injured.

In the video, some people are seen walking on the pedestrian, meanwhile a Volkswagen GTI car’s shadow is seen on the road. Some people try to hide by seeing it in the air. Later it hits the ground and people are seen running.

When viewed from another angle, it is revealed that the car had entered the road between two cars and a tree. Possibly due to the car colliding with some road traffic sign, it appears to be uprooted and falling away. Many people run away at first, but after that some people are also seen approaching the accident site.

Police say that the speed of the car was very fast. Because of this the driver lost control. A woman was standing below and waiting for the auto, she died on the spot after being crushed by the car falling.

The News Minute According to the police, the name of the driver is Milan. His life was saved due to the presence of airbags. Lakhs of vehicles pass daily on this 990 meter long flyover. This flyover is part of the state government’s road development program, which has been built at a cost of about Rs 69 crore.

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