The effect of weather is also visible on the face of men, follow these tips to restore the old complexion

Men skin care tips: Whenever it comes to grooming, only girls are discussed, there is no discussion about men’s face, but men’s face can also become dull, problems can also arise in that. That is why the face of men also needs to be refined. In this rainy season, the faces of men need to be taken more care, because the humidity increases in monsoon, due to which the risk of infection is high. Indian Express Let’s Shave CMO Ashwini Pawar said, due to high humidity in this season, the skin and hair of men are badly affected, so it is important to take care of them in this season.

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take care of face like this

Shave clean: Stay clean shaven in this season and if possible trim the body hair too. One, it will save time. In the second monsoon, long hair is more prone to dust. When sweat comes out, this dust sticks with sweat, which does not allow the pores of the skin to open. It is harmful for the skin.
Avoid crooked beard-mustache: Men nowadays have many styles of beard and mustache. Due to this in monsoon, the skin of the face can become itchy and the beard can also smell. So it is better not to keep it.
Use SLS Free Shaving Foam or Cream: Use SLS free shaving product during monsoon season. SLS Free means a product that does not use sodium lauryl sulfate. Using good quality shaving foam improves the water holding capacity of the facial skin. To wash the face in this season, even soap and water do not work in it.

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Use alcohol free after shave After shaving, use an after shave or after lotion in such a way that does not contain alcohol. Using an alcohol after shave or lotion in monsoon can result in the loss of moisture in the skin, making the skin dry. Due to this the problem of itching also starts. Due to this the pores of the skin also start closing. Therefore, alcohol aftershave should not be used.

To soften before shaving: The skin should be exfoliated before shaving, this will keep the skin soft and the hair will come out easily during shaving. Exfoliating means removing dead cells from the skin by applying water or milk cream. By doing this, the pores of the hair are opened. Then there is not much emphasis on the skin during hair removal.

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