The fruit of the country, which is used for eating and also for washing clothes

We all must have vine trees around our homes. These trees range in size from small to large. Bael is one of the oldest trees and fruits of the country. Which is not only used in food, it is also used a lot in medicines. Its consumption is said to be very good for health. But there are many uses of vine which are surprising.

The vine is also used from food to leakage, washing clothes and for the protection of paintings. The biggest thing is that in Ayurveda, the bael tree is also considered as the tree that destroys most of the diseases.

When there was no detergent and laundry soap in India, many things ranging from reetha are used to clean clothes. Those who did not only clean the clothes but also used to shine. Next we will tell how clothes are washed and brightened like detergent with them.

Bel is also called Bilva, Bel or Belpathar. Bael trees are found almost everywhere in India. It can be seen a lot near temples, because it is also used a lot in worship. Apart from India, bael trees grow naturally in southern Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. They are also cultivated.

These are the leaves on the bael tree. These usually three leaves are seen sticking together, it is also offered on the Shiva Linga.

It is considered as the form of Lord Shiva
Being religiously important, it is planted near temples. In Hinduism, it is considered a form of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Mahadev resides in the root. Its three leaves living together are considered as the form of Tridev, they are definitely kept in worship. But leaves with a group of five leaves are considered more auspicious.

How are bael trees
Bael trees are 15-30 tall. They also have thorns. They are loaded with fruits in season. Leaves fall in summer. New flowers come on it in May. It also starts bearing fruits between March and May. Its flowers are white in color with a green aura. Their fragrance is good.

Bael trees are found in abundance in the country. It has religious significance from Ayurveda. They bear fruit in the summer season.

how is it
The fruit of the bael is 05-17 cm in diameter. It is inside a hard green shell. When cooked, its color changes and it becomes golden yellow in color. On breaking it, sweet fibrous fragrant pulp comes out. Bel fruit is considered beneficial in chronic dysentery, diarrhea and piles. This increases the capacity of the intestines. Keeps the stomach cool. Increases appetite.

how to clean clothes
The pulp of the bael fruit is not only used as food or food items but also acts as a detergent. When it is rubbed on the clothes, the dirt of the clothes gets removed and it also gets shine.

This is the inner pulp of the bael fruit, which is not only used as a food ingredient, in earlier times it was also used as a detergent.

How does leakage work?
It is also very useful in preventing leakage. When it is mixed with lime plaster which acts as a water barrier. If there is leakage of water somewhere and put it on, then it stops the dripping of water. For this reason, it is added to the cement in the walls of the house.

also in the protection of paintings
Can you imagine that this fruit is also useful in the protection of expensive paintings. In ancient times, painters used it extensively to preserve their paintings. Painters add vine to their watercolors which acts as a protective layer on the paintings.

These benefits of bael too
There is an element called ‘Bilvin’ or ‘Marmesoline’ in the fruits of Bael. The green colored oil obtained from its fresh leaves is pungent and aromatic in taste. The juice of the leaves is used to heal wounds, relieve pain, destroy fever, cure colds and respiratory diseases and reduce sugar in urine. Its bark and root are used to cure wounds, phlegm, fever, uterine wound, pulse irregularity, heart disease etc. That is why it has been given great importance in Ayurveda.

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