The reason for fatigue is not only physical, but mental problems can also be – Expert

Tiredness due to mental problem: Do you know that every physical activity of ours is directly related to the brain? Yes, when we feel weak, we pay attention to our physical health first and ignore mental health, while that can also be the reason for our fatigue. In an article published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, Psychiatrist Dr. Smita Srivastava has told that when we feel tired, it seems that there is no physical problem, but it is not necessary that there is a problem of fatigue. The reason is physical problem. The reason for fatigue can also be mental. Sometimes we feel physically tired even when we are stressed or mentally tired.

Dr. Smita says that future anxiety, work and home stress, overall stress is completely dominating our life. We are neither relaxed while sleeping nor are we able to be happy while awake. Due to this the hormones of the body are affected very fast. Due to which there can be problems like headache, stomach pain, loss of appetite and lack of mind in any work.

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Due to stress, we experience fatigue and weakness. For this, we have to make changes in our daily routine and try to do whatever work we feel like. Along with this, yoga, meditation, exercise and morning walk are very helpful in saving from this problem.

Depression is also a reason
Depression is a problem that many people around us are struggling with. Among all its symptoms, fatigue is also there. Along with this, there is no feeling in doing any work when there is depression. Simply understood, depression ie depression affects both our physical and mental health. If you are suffering from this problem, then do not ignore it, instead consult a psychiatrist immediately.

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get plenty of sleep
Often in the rush of work, we spoil our routine. Due to this, do not eat food and sleep on time. Its effect first falls on our brain. According to experts, it is very important to get enough sleep of 7 to 8 hours to maintain mental health. Along with this, we should make a habit of sleeping on time and leaving the bed on time. Disciplined routine is very necessary to stay healthy in every way.

what needs to be done

Always choose the work you like.
– Keep office things and work confined to the office.
– Always speak your mind openly.
Work according to your mind in the moments of leisure.
Write in a diary, so that you can complete all the work on time and stay away from stress.

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