The risk of dementia in those who are ill for a long time from corona: research

Risk of Dementia In Corona : Continuous research is going on to save the world from the corona epidemic. But due to the continuous arrival of its new variants, no research has proved effective in stopping it. Meaning, the scientist of any country has not made any such claim that taking this medicine will not cause corona, or that its treatment has come. But yes, from time to time, the risk of many more diseases related to it has definitely increased among the patients or those who are cured of it. According to a report published in Dainik Jagran, now a new study has come to the fore that after suffering from corona for a long time, people who have problems in concentration and memory, are at risk of dementia. increases. It has been told in this study that the initial changes regarding dementia due to corona virus can be premature.

Alireza, who led this research and director of the Banner Sun Health Research Institute in America, said that dementia is a condition in which a person’s ability to remember, think or make decisions is reduced. Looks like. Due to this, problems start coming in the everyday life of the person suffering from it.

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Dementia usually occurs in people 65 or older. Corona can speed up the process of this disease. In the study, along with loss of taste and smell in people due to Kovid, anxiety and sleeping problems have also been seen.

More than 50 effects of corona have been seen
This is the reason why scientists have emphasized the need for vaccination. According to a report published in the journal Scientific Reports, more than fifty effects of corona have been seen.

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In these, problems like hair loss, shortness of breath, headache, cough as well as dementia, depression and anxiety have also been identified. All these were seen in the next six months after being hit by Corona. Neurological disorders such as stroke and dementia were found to be very rare, but 7 percent of those admitted to intensive care (ICU) were found to have stroke and about 2 percent were found to have dementia.

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