The risk of heart-related diseases may be up to four times higher in diabetic patients

diabetic people prone to heart disease: The risk of heart-related diseases is very high in diabetic patients. According to the statistics of the American National Heart Association, 65 percent of the people who die of diabetes are related to some kind of heart disease. According to HT news, the risk of heart disease in patients suffering from type-2 diabetes is two to four times higher, while heart disease is the cause of most of the deaths of those who die of diabetes. According to a study, diabetes causes high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol levels and increases the risk of heart disease in the family.

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Why diabetes increases the risk of heart disease
The biggest reason for heart disease in diabetic patients is that the coronary arteries become hardened. The coronary artery works to carry blood to the heart muscles. Due to this, the heart also gets oxygen and nutrients. Due to diabetes, cholesterol starts accumulating in it. Sometimes it damages the tube leading to the heart but platelets correct it. But when it starts happening again and again, the tube leading to the heart starts getting clogged, which leads to a heart attack. This also increases the risk of heart failure.

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How to recognize heart attack
Have trouble breathing.
Feeling dizzy from time to time.
Sweating excessively and without any reason.
There is pain in the shoulder, jaw and left hand.
Chest pain.
often restless.
How to prevent heart attack in case of diabetes
Keep blood sugar under control as far as possible.
Keep blood pressure around 120/80 as well. If you have high blood pressure, take medicine regularly.
Get regular check-up of cholesterol also done. If its level is increased then take medicine.
Exercise regularly and keep weight under control.
Stay away from smoking, tobacco.

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