The secret of Guru Randhawa’s fitness is desi food, you can also follow the desi diet

Desi Food Guru Randhawa: Guru Randhawa’s singing is pure desi or not, but his lunch is definitely desi. This is evident from a picture of him which he has shared on his official Instagram account. Guru Randhawa has made a splash with many songs like Naach Meri Rani Naach, Morni Banke. As much as he pays attention to his singing, he also pays equal attention to his fitness.

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In the picture posted by singer Guru Randhawa on his Instagram account, he is seen enjoying desi food during lunch at Manji. In the caption of this photo, he has written, ‘Breakfast on Manji. Oh sorry lunch.’ It can be guessed from this caption that he is probably awake late and is enjoying desi food on the cot. Let us tell you that the word Manji used by Guru Randhawa means ‘cot’.

Guru likes to eat desi food

In the photo shared by Guru Randhawa, he is seen eating desi food. Under this, he is seen enjoying potato curry chole, paneer, lentils, rice and salad in lunch. It looks like through this picture, he has tried to give this message to the people that even desi food is full of nutrition and it has many benefits to stay fit. Along with this, he has also tried to tell his preference towards desi food through this photo. Guru Randhawa is also known for his fitness with singing.

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desi food is full of nutrition

Some people do not give importance to desi food because of liking fast food, and some other reason. While this desi food is not only better in taste but it is also full of nutrition. Today, instead of talking about other things, let’s talk only about the mile, whose photo has been shared by Guru Randhawa. So let us tell you that there is a lot of protein in dishes like lentils and chickpeas. At the same time, green vegetables help in fulfilling the deficiency of many nutrients in the body. Paneer fulfills your protein, calcium and vitamin requirement. So roti and rice help in fulfilling the need of carbs. Not only this, the spices used in cooking work to boost immunity and prepare the body to fight diseases.

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