The way of eating food also affects the health of the intestine, learn from expert how

Way of eating food affects Gut health : Now gut health has become an important thing and now we are all well aware of the importance of certain foods that promote good bacteria. Now we know what to eat, but do we also know how to eat to improve gut health? In an article on the UK news website Metro, nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr, an expert in digestive health, says, ‘I want to break myths about nutrition and health, re-educating people on the subject and preconceptions. like to remove. People think that gut health is only related to the foods you eat. But you should know that the way you eat is also very important for this.

Clarissa Lenhar further says, ‘We have become used to eating food on the go, but such habits can cause symptoms like indigestion and bloating in the intestine. When it comes to digestion-related problems, eating without thinking becomes one of the biggest factors. She says, ‘Many times we skip important parts of the digestive process when we eat, but when our digestive system is working effectively, we can easily digest our food, and by eating Can absorb more nutrients and achieve good intestinal health. Clarissa tells us how to improve gut function by making small changes to the way you eat.

chew food well
Clarissa says that, digestion starts in our mouth. When you chew your food properly, you release saliva, which contains digestive enzymes, which help to break down your food. Failure to do so may cause bloating and indigestion in the intestine. You should chew the food till it gets powdery and becomes like apple puree.

avoid eating on the go
‘Eating on the go can lead to overeating, indigestion and possible bloating. When we are moving, our body is in a sympathetic state. Therefore, we should ideally eat when we are in our parasympathetic state, or rest and digest.

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aim for regular meals
If we take our regular diet at the right time, then we avoid eating snacks and extravagant things. Snacking promotes the migrating motor complex (MMC). Which works to help clean the intestines and keep our bowel movements regular. Stick to regular meals and aim to keep a gap of three to four hours between meals.

avoid eating under stress
When we are in a state of stress, we can experience changes in the gastro, such as decreased or increased appetite, bloating and loose motions. If you feel stressed during meals, take a few deep breaths before eating. Deep breathing can help calm the vagus nerve, which controls many signals between the gut and the brain.

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eat mindfully
When we are about to eat, our brain registers and speeds up the digestion process. So when we focus more on other things instead of eating, it affects the state of the brain. It can cause many damages like inflammation in the intestines. So keep the TV off while eating, put your phone away and respect your food for the texture, aroma and taste of the food.

eat slowly
It can take 10-20 minutes for our stomach to send signals to the brain to tell us that we are full now, if we are eating slowly, we are able to lose these signals and avoid overeating. Aim for anywhere between 10-20 minutes to eat your meal.

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