Then the trend of Banarasi saree returned, to get a royal look, carry it in this style

Banarasi Saree Fashion Tips: These days, there is a lot of craze in Bollywood to wear Banarasi Saree. Then whether it is Kangana Ranaut or Yami Gautam, everyone is looking graceful in Banarasi saree. The specialty of Banarasi sarees is that the royal look that one gets after wearing it is not found in any other dress. You can carry Banarasi sarees without even thinking about looking elegant and graceful. By wearing this, you will stand out from the crowd from the festival to the wedding, reception etc. So let us tell you what are the tips to keep in mind while carrying Banarasi sarees.

1. Choose this way of Banarasi saree

Whenever you go to buy Banarasi sarees, then definitely keep in mind in which function you have to carry it. If you are buying Banarasi saree for wedding function then silk Banarasi saree is the best option. This will give you a more graceful and royal look.

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2. Banarasi Sarees For Summer

If you are thinking of wearing Banarasi saree in summer then you can buy organza Banarasi saree. It will give you a cool look in summer. Apart from this, you can also wear Banarasi saris with tussar cotton, organza and texture.

3. Carry like this

By the way, you can carry a Banarasi saree with any body type. You can drape a Banarasi saree in any style. If you do not know many types of saree draping styles, then you can carry it in normal straight palla or inverted palla style. This style is best for Banarasi saree.

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4. Hairstyle and makeup are also important

Whenever you carry a Banarasi saree, make a bun in your hair and if you want, you can make Gajra in it. You must add a bindi to your makeup. This will make your look even more graceful.

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