There is no risk to the heart from high-fat milk products – Research

Low Fat Milk Products For Heart : Milk or products made from it are an important part of our daily diet. Today, different types of milk and products made from it are available in the market. Such as low fat products, toned milk products or high fat milk products. All this availability in the market has come due to the diseases caused due to the current lifestyle. Now people take milk or things made from it according to age. Because physical activity is decreasing in today’s lifestyle, so soon diseases like heart disease, diabetes, BP take home in the body. For this reason, doctors recommend taking less fat things.

Those who use low-fat milk are more at risk

Now a study has found that consuming high-fat milk products reduces the risk of heart disease. This report published in Dainik Jagran has claimed that people who consume low-fat milk products have a higher risk of heart disease than those who use high-fat milk products.

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This Study Journal PLoS Medicine is published in. Researchers believe that there is no link between deaths due to heart disease due to consumption of high-fat milk products. To reach the results, the researchers studied the consumption of dairy products in 4000 adults in Sweden. Similar studies were also done in 17 other countries.

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Not using milk products is not a good option

Dr. Matty Markd of The George Institute for Global Health told that the way the use of dairy products is increasing in the world, in that situation it is important to understand how it affects our body. have an impact on. He further said that we have studied the amount of fat in the blood of dairy products and its effect. It was found that people who are consuming high-fat milk products have a lower risk of heart-related diseases. On the other hand, those who were taking low-fat milk products, comparatively more such dangers were seen.

Dr. Cathy Triu of the study team said that reducing the fat of milk products or not consuming milk products may not be a good option to keep the heart healthy.

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