There may be a way out for the treatment of Alzheimer’s! This thing came out in new research

Cause of Alzheimer identified: Alzheimer’s disease is becoming a serious problem in the world. Alzheimer’s becomes a serious disease of amnesia. It is highest in the elderly. Scientists are still not able to understand what is the cause of this disease. Different things are said in different studies. Onmanor According to the website, now Australian researchers have achieved significant success on this topic. Researchers have discovered a way of blood reaching the brain, in which the toxin protein responsible for Alzheimer’s gets leaked. Scientists claim that this is the cause of Alzheimer’s. Researchers claim that this research can lead to the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s.
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Toxin protein can be prevented by diet or medicine
Researchers from Curtin University in Perth have done this study. Experiments on rats found that a possible cause of Alzheimer’s disease was the leakage of toxic proteins that were released from the blood going into the brain. Actually, some particles of fat reach the brain along with the blood. Along with this, the toxin protein also goes into the brain. The study is published in the journal PLOS Biology. Researchers have said that more research is still needed for this. Researchers said, in our research, it has been found that the toxin protein that accumulates in the blood can be stopped by giving a person’s diet and medicine. Lipoprotein amyloid can be specifically targeted through the drug. This will either stop the process of Alzheimer’s or this process can be greatly slowed down.

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Toxin protein accumulates in the brain
Professor John Mamo, director of the Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI), said, “We already knew that toxin proteins accumulate in the brain of people with Alzheimer’s disease. This is called beta-amyloid. However, researchers did not know where the toxin protein is made and why it starts accumulating in the brain. John Mamo said that our research has proved that the fat particles found in the blood, the toxin protein starts to form in it and it starts leaking in the brain. It can also be called lipoprotein. He has said that this discovery is important because we can stop the leakage of this lipoprotein going into the brain. This will require a new type of treatment.

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