These 3 symptoms show that new teeth are coming in your child, do these things to remove the problem

Symptoms Of Teething: The process of teething in children is a common thing and every child has to go through this process. But sometimes some children have to face a lot of trouble during this time. Actually, during this there is a problem of stretching and irritation in the gums and sometimes the child becomes very irritable due to pain. In such a situation, even the parents do not understand why the child is crying so much. In such a situation, many times parents lose their temper and start behaving aggressively. But you need to understand that this can be a symptom of teeth coming and he is crying because of the pain. Here we tell you that by looking at the symptoms, you can understand that your child is getting a tooth and how you can get relief from it.

These are the symptoms of teething

1. Baby cries suddenly at night

Many times the child wakes up in the night while sleeping and starts crying without any reason. In fact, your baby may be crying because of the problem of tooth extraction. In such a situation, his sleep is being broken due to pain and he is awake. If this is happening then you try to distract it without getting upset. You can massage its gums with clean fingers.

2. Having loose motion

The problem of diarrhea or diarrhea during tooth extraction is very common. In such a situation, do not let him dehydrate and drink plenty of liquid things. If diarrhea persists for 2-3 days then you can contact your doctor.

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3. Putting everything in the mouth

Sometimes children put everything in their mouth. The reason for this can also be the coming of new teeth. To remove the irritation in the gums, the child chews a rubber toy or finger. Not only this, sometimes he puts whatever he finds in his mouth. He does this to remove the tingling in the gum.

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Give relief in pain like this

If your child is troubled by pain, then clean your hands with soap and massage his gums lightly with fingers. This will give him relief. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned expert before following these.)

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