These 5 food items are famous as street food, you should also try

Street Food: Street food is considered an important part of the culture of any country. Food items sold on the roadside will be found all over the world, which are very popular among the local people. Be it mango or special, everyone is fond of street food. There is also a long chain of street food in our country and it is full of variety. The taste of street food and the way it is prepared changes in every new area. We are going to tell you about such street foods of the country which are easily available in most areas. You also know about these 6 street food items.

1. Chaat – Chaat is the most famous as a street food. There is hardly any person who has never enjoyed chaat on the roadside. Going to a hotel or restaurant, you will not get that pleasure in expensive chaat, which will be the taste of chaat of a roadside stall or cart.

2. Vada Pav – Vada Pav is a famous street food of Maharashtra, but it is easily available in most parts of the country. Chefs will also be able to experiment with this scrumptious snack. If you want to really enjoy this street food, then definitely test it by visiting the roadside carts and shops.

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3. Pakodas – Pakodas are the traditional food item of our people. It will be easily found sold on the handcart or shop in the streets of every city. Although pakodas are liked in every season, but how can anyone forget the taste of eating it with green chili chutney in a roadside shop in the rain.

4. Kachori, Samosa – If any person wants to enjoy Kachori or Samosa properly, then he must go to eat it once as a street food. Kachori-samosas coming out of a hot pan at a roadside shop will bring water to your mouth. Eating it sitting in a hotel or restaurant can hardly get as much fun as street food.

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5. Bhelpuri – Bhelpuri is also a very popular food item as street food. Bhelpuri has also been used in film songs. The spice, onion, lemon added to Bhelpuri by the roadside stall shopkeeper cannot be found in any big restaurant.

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