These 5 side effects can last for a long time even after recovering from dengue

Be Alert After Recovering From Dengue : Dengue, which is spreading rapidly in North and Central India, is looking more aggressive this time than last year. There is a steady increase in the number of its patients till UP, Haryana, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. Although the number of patients recovering from this deadly disease is still good, but doctors say that even after recovering from dengue, such people need to be vigilant about their health. Hindustan newspaper has written in its news report that the war against dengue is not limited only to its prevention or recovery from this infection. Because simple fever comes and goes, but the problem persists for a long time even after dengue is cured. Experts attribute this to the side effects caused by dengue on the body, so people should focus on adopting nutritious diet and regular routine.

In this news report, Dr Jugal Kishore, Head of the Department of Community Medicine at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi said, “After recovering from Dengue, it is necessary to give myself rest for two weeks. Try it. Do take a balanced diet. Drink sufficient amount of water. Don’t take stress at all. Slowly return to the old lifestyle. Don’t start working right away.”

5 Major Long Appearing Side Effects

aching in the body
Muscle pain is the most common thing in dengue patients. But this problem can persist for a long time even after it is fixed.

hair fall
Dengue affects the hair follicles of the patient. Due to this, the problem of hair loss is also seen in many patients.

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Vitamin-mineral deficiency
Many vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, D, B12, E, are deficient in dengue patients. This further aggravates the joint pain. Skin related problems are also seen in some people.

Patients feel weak even after recovering due to lack of platelets. These people have to face more weakness whose immunity is less. Especially children and the elderly can have problems for a long time after recovery.

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According to a study published in the International Journal of Mental Health Systems, people suffering from dengue fever have increased levels of stress, depression and anxiety. This problem may persist for some time even after it is fixed.

What to do after recovering from Dengue

With balance diet, keep taking lemonade and ORS solution for a few days.
Drinking pomegranate, orange and sugarcane juice is necessary to increase the amount of blood.
Eating eggs, chicken and fish is beneficial.

what not to do

Do not sleep without wearing a mosquito net, this will help prevent infection.
Do not think that dengue cannot happen again, it is only an illusion.
Do not do heavy exercise or heavy work. Do not eat junk food at all.

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