These 7 beauty essentials should be in every girl’s handbag in the winter season

Must Have Things In Ladies Handbag : In winter, many times in office or college, our skin starts cracking so much that lips, hands, face etc. get stretched and if no cream is applied, then skin damage starts in no time. In such a situation, if you carry essential essentials in your bag, then you can avoid many problems. Not only this, you can get the perfect look without spending much time in preparing yourself for any occasion. So let us know what essential things girls should keep in their bags in winter.

Keep these essential things in the hand bag during the winter season

1.Hand Lotion

The cold winds of winter make the hands dry and the skin around the nails starts drying up. Continuous use of sanitizer also makes the skin dry and sometimes even blood starts coming out. If you carry hand lotion together and keep applying it on your hands for some time, then your skin will remain nourished.

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2.Lip Balm

Cracking of lips is common in winters. In such a situation, do carry lip balm together. By doing this your lips will always remain soft and smooth.

3. Tissue

Tissue can be kept with you in winter. If you have a cold, then this can be of great help to you. Apart from this, you can also use it in washing hands and wiping etc.

4.सैनिटाइजर (Sanitizer)

In the era of epidemic, the use of sanitizer has now become essential for everyone. In such a situation, definitely carry a sanitizer together.

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Our skin often gets dull while roaming outside in the sun and dust. In such a situation, the use of sunscreen is very important. By using this, your skin will be protected and will be saved from any kind of skin disease.

6.CC Cream

CC cream not only protects your skin, it also adds a tinted layer on the skin, which gives a glow effect on the skin. In such a situation, it is necessary to have CC cream in every girl’s bag.

7.Water Proof Kajal

If you use kajal for beautiful eyes, then you should use smudge free or waterproof kajal. It makes the eyes beautiful in a single stroke and does not spread in your eyes for hours.

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