These 7 medical tests are necessary before getting married, otherwise the relationship may break

Medical Tests Before Marriage: Indian people believe in many customs and traditions before getting married, in which getting Kundali and getting the qualities is most important. On the other hand, if the horoscope is not found, the good relationship also breaks. It is seen that even after getting the horoscope of most of the people, there is a rift in the relationship. Now whether it is necessary to match the horoscope for marriage or not, it depends on the mentality of the people, but it is very important for the young man and woman to be physically fit so that there is no problem after marriage. In such a situation, the bride and groom should get some medical tests done before marriage. Do not hesitate to get these tests done. Let us know which are these medical tests and why it is necessary to do them.

HIV Test
If any one of the young man or girl gets HIV infection, then the life of the other can be completely spoiled. Therefore, get an HIV test done before marriage. Your alertness and intelligence will be proved in this.

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test of ovaries
Sometimes it is too late to get married and in such a situation, if you are a woman and your age has become more, then definitely get your ovaries checked. Due to age, the production of eggs in girls decreases and there may be trouble in having children. This will also tell about your ability to become a mother. Therefore, if you are getting married at an old age, then definitely get an ovary test done.

infertility test
It is also very important to know what is the status of sperm in men and how much is the sperm count. To know about the things related to this, do an infertility test before marriage. This test is very important so that there is no problem in planning a family and conceiving in the future. In such a situation, you can get treatment done on time.

genetic test
Before marriage, both the partners must do their genetic test. By getting this test done, it will be known that your future partner does not have any genetic disease. If a disease is detected in the test, then it can be treated in time.

STD Test
STD test must be done by both the partners before getting married, so that neither of them becomes a victim of sexually transmitted diseases after marriage. STD is a dangerous disease which is very important to avoid.

blood group compatibility test
If the blood group of both the husband and wife is not compatible or compatible with each other, then problems can arise during pregnancy. Therefore, it is very important that both the partners have the same Rh factor. In such a situation, get the compatibility test of blood group done before marriage.

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blood disorder test
Women must do a blood disorder test before marriage. This shows whether you are a victim of blood hemophilia or thalassemia. Because it directly affects the child and married life.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)

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