These symptoms appear when there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the body

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms: Along with Vitamin C, Vitamin D was also discussed a lot during the Corona period. Actually, it has been told about both the vitamins that they increase the immunity in the body. However, vitamin D serves several important functions. It maintains the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Vitamin D is converted into energy by absorbing essential nutrients from the digestive system. Along with this, it also boosts immunity, protects the body from external infections. Vitamin D is also essential for muscles and nerves. Apart from this, this vitamin reduces the risk of heart disease. Healthline According to the news of Vitamin D, different from other vitamins, acts like a hormone and it reaches every cell of the body. It has been told in the news that about one billion people in the world are deficient in Vitamin D.

How to diagnose Vitamin D deficiency
Frequent infections: The lack of vitamin D weakens the immune system, so the body is not able to withstand the attack of bacteria or viruses. That’s why infections often have to be faced.

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Getting tired often Due to low level of vitamin D in the blood, there is a lot of tiredness in the body. Such people often start feeling tired. Generally, the problem of fatigue is more in women. One study found that female nurses also struggle with fatigue due to vitamin D deficiency.

Pain in bones and back Vitamin D is essential for bones. Deficiency of vitamin D leads to weakening of bones and often back pain. Therefore, whenever there is a back pain, it should be understood that there is a deficiency of vitamin D.

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Depression: People also go into depression due to lack of vitamin D. It also promotes mood swings. In one study, it was found that 65 percent of people who are deficient in vitamin D have to face the problem of depression.

Not healing the wound quickly Since the lack of vitamin D weakens the immunity, the wounds are not able to heal quickly.

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